You are a pirate!!!

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So yeah, this was just a project to relax, I wanted to do something without too much commitment, so I just got this song I had laying around and started working, it ended up taking absurdly long to finish, mainly because I was too busy playing videogames. Last night I decided to finish it, I needed to get rid of it to start something more serious. This ended up being the best looking animation I did, but probably not the most entertaining.

A lot of stuff was cut out from what I intended because the song is too short to fit all my ideas, also because of artistic limitations that thankfully I'm slowly overcoming. Also it's a change from the violent animations I did in the past.

The song is You are a pirate - Lazytown, most people probably know it.

I hope you like.

Edit: It's so nice seeing a thumbnail of something I created myself showing in the daily second spot! It's kinda weird seeing something I worked on being part of a website I access all the time. I love you newgrounds! Thanks for all the great reviews!

Edit 2: FRONT PAGE? Oh my! I can't believe it! It's my first frontpage! Thanks everyone! :)


Very Nice

Haha, you've permanantly burned this song into my head, and I like your animating/ style. Keep up the great work!

Steinberg responds:


dowload torrents

best song ever! :D good job ;D

Steinberg responds:

Thanks :3
But I only did the animation.

10/10, 5/5

It's mainly because I'm Somali....

Steinberg responds:


listens to this in g major whisphers: i am not a pirate i am not a pirate

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Thats alot of booze.

That bottle of beer didnt stop flowing!!!!
Great animation bro, made my day.

Steinberg responds:

It's a bottomless bottle the captain found in one of his treasure hunts. =P
Thanks for the 10!

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Jul 2, 2011
3:57 PM EDT
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