You are a pirate!!!

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So yeah, this was just a project to relax, I wanted to do something without too much commitment, so I just got this song I had laying around and started working, it ended up taking absurdly long to finish, mainly because I was too busy playing videogames. Last night I decided to finish it, I needed to get rid of it to start something more serious. This ended up being the best looking animation I did, but probably not the most entertaining.

A lot of stuff was cut out from what I intended because the song is too short to fit all my ideas, also because of artistic limitations that thankfully I'm slowly overcoming. Also it's a change from the violent animations I did in the past.

The song is You are a pirate - Lazytown, most people probably know it.

I hope you like.

Edit: It's so nice seeing a thumbnail of something I created myself showing in the daily second spot! It's kinda weird seeing something I worked on being part of a website I access all the time. I love you newgrounds! Thanks for all the great reviews!

Edit 2: FRONT PAGE? Oh my! I can't believe it! It's my first frontpage! Thanks everyone! :)


XD awsome

great video and awsom animations. I give an 11

Steinberg responds:

Oh my! This is my first eleven! Thanks : )

it has been done

this has already been done on newgrounds by Starogre

Steinberg responds:

Oh yeah someone had the brilliant idea to make a music video over a song that he likes before me, now there's a law that forbids anyone else to have some fun animating over that specific song.

You are supposed to evaluate the entertainment value of this flash alone, that's why reviews are for.

I had never watched any animation that uses the song (Apart from that limewire gif, obviously, but that isn't full length) so I decided to animate it, I haven't dared to search for any other animation using the song because that could influence my artistic decisions on this one.

Comparing this to his animation is like comparing to a pirate movie, OH WELL IT WAS DONE BEFORE SO ALL THE OTHERS ARE COPIES.

The theme is different, the drawings are different, the "story" is different. It's just my interpretation. Just like books that have different versions by different authors. The song was my canvas. That's all.
I'm not stealing the idea from anyone.
I just had this song on my hardrive, I enjoyed it, and decided to animate over it.
I actually only heard that there was another animation using this song after I submitted this one.
Just because I use the same song doesn't mean I'm stealing the idea.
Also I watched his after someone pointed me out about it, and his is about software piracy, mine isn't, it's completely different.

Your comment was done before zillion of times, and marked as useless by NG users all of the times. It lacks logic.

ive seen hundreds

ive seen my fair share of videos with this song in it, but THIS is the best!

Steinberg responds:

Thanks! It's nice to find someone that has a brain and is not saying that I copied or stole the idea from other animator who I don't know! Thanks for the 10!

A woman on a ship? Sparrow does not approve.

I was like YEAH DRUNKEN PIRATES THIS IS SO GREAT but then, this female character -.- glad to see she got "hurt"
Not downing your rating because its the songs fault for killing the all men unison thing not yours :P have a great day

Steinberg responds:

Yeah editing the song would make it sound weird so I decided to keep it in, I dislike that girl part completely. It breaks the song.
My intentions with that tentacle were to make her shut up and the audience think "Good riddance".

Thanks for the 10.

cant stop... watching it....

love your art style, i think thats why i cant stop watching it. Alos list of pirate things to do 'download torrenst' made me lol

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Steinberg responds:

Thanks!!! I'm glad you liked!

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Jul 2, 2011
3:57 PM EDT
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