Story of the Blanks

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Story of the Blanks is a short creepypasta fangame created in Adobe Flash. It was created for a game developing contest at Equestria Gaming
( http://www.equestriagaming.com/2011/06/creepypasta-game-contest.html )

The game is constrained to use genuine NES graphics and graphical limitations (down to the very 8 sprites per line limitation). Most if not all the music in the game was created by various people using famitracker (a NES/famicon tracker).

The excellent music was made by

CRTified Technician

Zero V2


You rock, woohoo!

MLP:FiM is copyright by Hasbro. This is a fangame made by a fan. It is not endorsed by, or in any way connected with Hasbro.


Her 'Cutie Mark' was a /Sin/...

Oddly enough, this reminds me of Silent Hill. *shivers*
I'm officially freaked out. I love this game. (:

I love grimdark!

My review of this game may be a little late, but thanks to this game, I was inspired to make my own mlp game, and include a grimdark easter egg ending.

Some things that I wished this game had more of were some more gameplay elements. There were only 3 that I really noted... 1. fetch quest, 2. move block puzzle, and 3. the endgame chase sequence. The fetch quest wasn't too hard, since all you had to do was find a simple item, and give it to the one pony. Typical RPG logic. The block puzzle wasn't needed, but still, I can understand why you have it in (I've played through Lufia II... so many random puzzles everywhere). Now for the chase, it's fairly easy, but it may not be obvious what you do first. No matter what, your first instinct is to go talk to the zombie pony (or at least it's mine). Then you find out that it leads to your death. Well that's fun, there's a way to get game over in this game! Pretty cool. I liked that idea. Funny how an oddly peaceful town of blank flanks can turn into an ugly zombie town. Only a couple of the zombie ponies seemed to keep their original form's personalities (i was able to actually talk to the last zombie pony, and survive... creepy, but cool). Any zombie pony that touches you after that, well, you're dead. it's fairly easy to get by without getting touched, but then it all ends shortly after. All this makes me wish there was more to the game... maybe like a minigame, some other ways to interact with things, etc. I understand that it takes a lot more effort to do all that, but overall, good job with what you have.

I also have to mention that the music is pretty awesome! It sets just the right mood for each act of the game. Then again, I just love 8-bit tunes. Even the creepy ones (lavender town ftw XD). I applaud you for making a game creepy without having to add a screamer (like the luna games... or my game for that matter, but my game didn't exactly NEED a screamer for it already was creepy).

Overall, it's a solid piece, but it felt like there could have been more to it. I'll be looking forward to more stuff that you do in the future. :D

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Donitz responds:

Thank you!

Funnily enough, Lufia 2 is the first game that pops into my mind as well when I think block pushing puzzles.

I've played your game a few times before. It's a really nice piece of work. Nice graphics, a fun minigame and a cool (albeit a bit long) fight scene.

I never did manage to find the grimdark ending however. And I've pretty much looked everywhere and talked to everypony/pet several times over.


A bit short, but the concept is awesome and the game is extremely well-made!

I shat bricks.

That was absolutely terrifying. A very good job of being creepy and the "puzzle solving" wasn't so intricate that it was discouraging. In old style games I get sick of "find the crank, rope, and bucket for the well, also you need oil and a key for the door hinges, and let's not forget the doorknob must be laying around somewhere."

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Well, I'm disturbed.

What's worse is that now with the episode The Cutie Pox now out, this game becomes more horrifying in hindsight.

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