Story of the Blanks

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Story of the Blanks is a short creepypasta fangame created in Adobe Flash. It was created for a game developing contest at Equestria Gaming
( http://www.equestriagaming.com/2011/06/creepypasta-game-contest.html )

The game is constrained to use genuine NES graphics and graphical limitations (down to the very 8 sprites per line limitation). Most if not all the music in the game was created by various people using famitracker (a NES/famicon tracker).

The excellent music was made by

CRTified Technician

Zero V2


You rock, woohoo!

MLP:FiM is copyright by Hasbro. This is a fangame made by a fan. It is not endorsed by, or in any way connected with Hasbro.


this was awesome

a great game, creepy pasta dont usually bother me, but this one actually got my heart racing.
but i think it could have used a bit more, possibly a second game. or maybe an alternate path, i mean even Lost Silver had an alternate path.

this kinda creeped me out

I thought it was going to be something sillly, but when the zombies started to show up, it became fast paced for me. It kinda makes curious enough to watch the actual show.

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Can we have another?

That was nice. I was pretty shocked to find the skeleton. I give props to anyone who can set up the nice, happy feel of FiM and twist it into horror so unexpectedly. The only thing is, it feels like it needs another episode(s) to feel complete.
Also, the music was really nice.

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My goodness.

At first i thought this was going to be a quick "my little pony" game LOL
But then i saw the red letters, and the pony zombies, it creeped me out.

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8bit is Magic.

From what I can see, this pony got a cutie mark, but the blanks saw it as a bad thing and got rid of her. Apple Bloom found this pony and the blanks want Apple Bloom to stay blank forever.

Mitta must have been a friend of the pony and tried to stop the blanks, but they kept on getting rid of every pony that got their cutie mark.

Sorry- had to type that out because it didn't make much sense to me as I played it. That or I was too scared to think and more focused on running. The simple aspects truly contributed to the atmosphere- The lengthy distance into the woods, the close encounters with the ponies, and the subtle routes you take- not knowing what's going to happen.

A really nightmarish feel.

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Jul 2, 2011
12:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
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