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### Update 11 Nov 2012:
- 5 brand new levels added !
- Improved controls to rely more on the mouse and be more natural
- Added undo button
- Added 3 tutorial levels at the start of the game

### Description

A unique logical game where your objective is to connect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic - no two paths of different colours can intersect. Add to this the pits which no path can cross and you get a brain-tingling mixture of logical mayhem.

Help regarding medals can be found on our website: retrocade.net/article/4/w alkthrough-linx
Or just click on the "Help" button in game's pause menu.


- Mouse - Place paths
- Space - Clear paths under the mouse pointer
- S - Toggle sound effects on/off
- M - Toggle music on/off

### Walkthrough

A screen of each level in its completed state plus a couple of tricks is available here from inside the game - enter the menu and click the "Help" link.


Quite a unique game

I liked this a lot because of how creative it was. It really helps that the music was good and helped you want to progress more in the game just to heart it. Then again, you can just listen to it without progressing. This was unusual and it took me awhile to figure some things out. I seemed to be lost on the level that was just the single white block. I thought maybe the other block was out of the picture. I then realized I just had to connect it to itself!

The sixth level of course, is practically unbeatable. There has to be something I missing on that level, but I just can not figure it out. I appreciate all the work put into making a unique design for every level. It's great to see how much they vary in terms of difficulty. It's nice how you managed to have such a great design without being too flashy.

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Good game

This is a great puzzle game- it's difficult, but not just because of the concept of the game, the challenges are hard to complete in their own right! think of the difficulty as the game "portal"


nice relaxing game but it does start lagging alot after a while maybe its just my crappy computer but a quality setter would be nice thanx

Excellent Puzzle Game

Originality 8/10
I've seen other games like this one, but more complicated with power ups and all that, I like that they don't have those dumb power ups and teleporters, so you get points for making it your own, but I've seen a lot of games liek this, so it'll stay at an 8.

Puzzles 10/10
The puzzles were great. I know how hard it is to generate puzzles and keeping them new for so many levels, so I give you props for that one.

Side Note: I am extremely exhausted right now while typing this and it might have been hard for me because mentally I'm run-down. lol
I would still however give the game a nine, because like I said, I know how hard it is to throw together games like these.

Another note: I didn't like the music, it's awful. lol But that doesn't take away from my rating.

Skellus responds:

The music is not awful - technically speaking it is well done. You just don't like chiptunes, or didn't like them. That's the difference.


It's a good game, a little hard sometimes, but, anyway I couldn't stop the f****ng background on title screen!! Help me win that medal, plz.

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Skellus responds:

It's as simple as it comes - you need to place the mouse pointer ideally in the centre of the screen :).

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4.05 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2011
3:53 AM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 3rd Place July 3, 2011