Stainville Episode 1

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Warning: Tasteless humor ahead!!!

**EDIT 7/1/ - Join us on Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Stainville/244833365 534078?

**EDIT 6/29 - Front page! Thank you guys so much for your votes! Also, I realize that the replay button is wacky. I'll fix that.

Despite various technical difficulties and other setbacks, I give to you my first full-length animation. This wouldn't've been possible without the help and support of close friends. I give credit to them for keeping me interested in making this as well as being a part of the overall result. Enjoy.

P.S. Kind of a Leo and Satan fan... can you find the easter egg?


Adult Swim?

Looks like a show on adult swim...But the only thing I was saying to myself while watching this is-"WTF?"

The summary couldn't be more right

A twisted imagining of high school indeed lol.


animation was pretty fluid albeit kind of inconsistent, but that might have been intentional though.
While I understand that the jokes were supposed to be lowbrow. I still found the humor to be lacking. For example: Southpark (you made a scott tennorman reference after all) has raunchy humor but still has jokes that makes sense out of it all. Not just blood and poop for the sake of blood and poop.

All in all this was decent, and the series will probably get better in time.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

i made a south park reference?

You only explored stupidity

This video is not that bad but it isn't that good too. As everything in life, it has good points and bad points.

The drawings are actually pretty funny, however, not that good. I think you could have spent more time drawing them.

The story in itself is kind of stupid (which may please lots of people, including me) but I couldn't understand it due two things:

1) the audio really sucked: some parts were too low and quiet; and then, suddenly, appears someone screaming really loud blowing my ears off.

2) I don't think there's a true story: I guess you only explored the stupidity.

Despite all of these bad things, I think you deserve a 7 star-rating because you actually made me laugh and that's what it matters, no?


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Things I learned from watching this:

-You are actually x3 better an animator than I thought you were.
-You can pull off a whole roster of unbearably funny expressions
-You could make hilarious porn animations

You NEED o start more stuff like this, but next time, lose the dick jokes, this one was some proper freaky shit!

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2011
8:33 PM EDT