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War Of The Realms Ii

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After a long 4 years, WAR OF THE REALMS II is finally here. In this episode, you see the dust cloud caused by the explosion when Sub Zero froze Akuma's super beam and send it back his way. Akuma is infuriated because he had found his killer but she was being guarded by Captain America and he doesn't understand why that is. Akuma releases his anger while the angry crowd still fights due to a powerful spell that makes beings just focus in killing anything that crosses is path. I show off new things here and there when Akuma is taking on the warriors. Towards the end, I have a long dialogue that helps explain the story better.

I wanted to keep a decent amount of action and storytelling, the first one and the teaser has more of the battle scenes. If you haven't seen them, please do check them out when you get a chance.

I hope you enjoy my comeback with War of the Realms and please don't hesitate to ask questions or share opinions.


don't get me wrong

you have improved on all levels.
the way you made your fight have a 3d kinda feel to it.
like the tornado hurricane kick you had akuma do was insanely innovative.
plus the way you handled the talking scenes was something completely original.
but, this animation felt a little rushed.
now there really isn't a standard bar for the amount of fighting a video "needs"
because at the end of the day, you can make whatever you want.
but i personally think that you could have showcased your talents a bit more.
the choreography in this flash that you have done is rarely if never used.
after 4 years of waiting, whats an extra couple months gonna hurt.

The Problem was pressing the space bar.

Honestly, since you went hiatus on this, I was expecting more of this, I think you could have done more in episode II. This was still good, hopefully in the future you can expand this action more. The fights need to be in there in order (In my opinion) to be a flash animation. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Red-Lantern responds:

I was going to squeeze in a motion comic in there to view past events but like I was running out of space I was unable to do so. I wanted to do more but first, I didn't have much time to put more into it and I wanted to have a half and half kind of thing. If I failed, there are always critics from fans and whoever else and when another project is afoot, a change would be made. You can't always satisfy your viewers but I did the best of my ability to make it decent. Thanks for the critique and thanks for doing me the favor, I really sppreciate it.

this was good

i <3 the part when everyone was kick everyone's ass

Excellent fight scene.

The only issue would be the dailogue. I can see that being a problem without some form of visual stimulant such as a sort of flashback to break up the monotony of pressing the spacebar.

it not bad

i dont know why its under judgment it should be front page

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3.75 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2011
5:14 PM EDT