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Author Comments

Looking to develop a top-down stealth game with decent or novel AI/gameplay. Feedback welcome.

arrow keys- move, z - speed, x - invisibility
m to toggle music on/off
enter for menu/instructions

With level difficulty increases - guards get faster, see further & player has less ability/health.

Also supports WASD, JK controls

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The break-down

Here's the scoop, though you've probably heard most of it already:

This game is trying to be something amazing, but it needs a lot of work to get there.

First off, the visuals are very deterring. All of the guards and characters have that obvious 'sprite' look to them. The floors and walls don't go well together at all, and give no context for whatever atmosphere you are going for (unless you wanted an asian dance-club asylum). Also the menu was ugly and hard to read.

The AI behavior is another problem you need to fix. Guards seem to walk around with no sense of direction, doing instant 180's with no cause or warning. I also witnessed a guard move across the map at an inhuman speed (literally faster than my sprint) and he happened to find and kill me (he was moving into a wall iirc, definitely look into that one).

Try to think of some way that you can make this a distinct game from UA, like an upgrade system, or different core gameplay, because otherwise this
is just a sloppy cover. Fix up some of the problems and keep working on it. Anything on this site is always a project, and the more time you put into it the better it will be.

Feel free to message me when the next one comes out!



Well, it was nice to be contacted about reviewing this, a good strategy in my books. Basically everything has been covered in previous comments. Much too slow, unimpressive visuals, annoying music with no off button, etc. One thing that I found particularly bothersome was the difficulty. The first level starts off with a high degree of difficulty.

Also, there is no story, and the guards look strange. Maybe you know what the story is, and what the guards are supposed to be, and what the green square is, but the rest of us don't.

I understand you probably worked pretty fast on this game, but I suggest spending a lot more time fixing annoying things in the game, as well as adding a lot of polish and overhauls.

Feel free to message me if you improve the game.

too slow

I appreciate your method of contacting people to review this.
good idea

however, i have to say, i just didn't enjoy your version of this game very much, and have now spent more time writing this review than i spent playing it.

I'm sorry to say that it has a sort of instant 'no' factor. I hope you won't be offended. It's just the speed, the visuals and the busy sounds. I don't want it.

I hope you'll appreciate what i mean. Please continue to improve your skills and Keep me on your list for reviews. I would be very happy to look at any future games.

All the best,

Jesus H Twatbomb

garcia1968 responds:

thanks for the time to review and useful feedback - upping the gameplay speed has been the main request so far and am trying to figure out how to do that in a balanced way, probably going to larger maps with a camera follow along with graphical improvements, etc - can add controls to turn music off if not to liking


Is a retextured Ultimate Assassin.

garcia1968 responds:

ultimate assassin is an inspiration for this game(as are Metal Gear Solid, Hitman other games in the stealth genre), but you'll notice differences with the AI(for better or worse - still changing gameplay mechanics around like the speed of play) in that the guards actually follow assignments such as cover the boss, patrol or wander - the game also is incorporating things like best time and will work to include other gameplay variety that have been suggested but ignored by UA thus far

Hey its not bad!

Alright I'm sure you already know that its quite slow paced but I'll try to shed some light on why.
1. The guards movement are very erratic and unpredictable. UA had the guards actually following, albeit complicated, patrol routes and so it gave them an era of predictability. Your guards look like (if not are) following random pathing routes which make them scrape against a wall backwards which is funny to look at but easy to avoid.
2. Both you and the guards have to move faster.
3. Either make the guards smaller or make the player larger. (I suggest larger so its easier to control)

A few other bugs remain where a guard immediately loses sight of you when you leave his field of vision which doesn't make much sense.

Other than that, the game is looking good and a faster pace would keep me and many more interested for a longer period of time.

Good luck.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2011
4:45 PM EDT