2 Friends Play Minecraft

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Hey, how's it going?

Myself and my good friend, "MasterDunx", decided it's been a fair odd while since we animated something, so we decided to put together an animation about Minecraft, as we wisely spent a good majority of this year playing it to death.

Originally this was going to be a quick weekend project, but we really got into it, went crazy, and decided to try and make something out of it. Running time is approximately four minutes and we even went the extra mile to throw in some special extras after the credits.

Hope you enjoy it, as you are THRUST into a magical cuboid world and hear the story of two friends, playing Minecraft.

~Jim's Update 29/June/2011~

I thought Duncan was pulling my leg when he said this was on the front page. Seriously, thank you. I'm sure Duncan will want to make an update later as he'd be lying if he wasn't hoping for this to happen.

Cheers MATES!

~Dunx's Update ~

Front page? Lush, thanks!

~Jim's Update ~

That's it, Duncan? You've got something you've always aspired towards and you have just 4 words to express it?

~Jim's Update 30/June/2011~

2 Friends Play Minecraft is now in glorious HD on YouTube! Major thanks to our friend "JB" who got it up there for us!

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=W8jPUXxpZKc

Thanks again, MATES!

~Jim's Update 8/July/2011~ Easter Egg Added.

Over 100k views in just a week? Incredible! Cheers for all the kind words too!

Updated the animation ever so slightly to fix a couple of things that were bothering me. Found a file of an Easter Egg we were supposed to put into the animation but forgot to! When Jim successfully acquires a piece of wood from the tree, click on the wood chunklet. This hidden scene was my first thought as to how the sound file could be... err... misinterpreted.



I was laughing so hard when the sheep got hit against the tree. BETSY WHY!?

Actually Zadamanim

├Łou can still get wool from sheep by punching them so you do have hopes for the first day :/ but you only get 1 wool from killin a sheep so your sorta right.


I was far from impressed. Most of these jokes have been used before, and the ones that haven't were pretty bad. The animation wasn't great, and the jokes took forever to complete to the point where I actually felt like stopping the video.

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

But you didn't stop the video, because you had no other pressing engagements, right?

This animation isn't a joke-a-second swearathon, we really wanted to build certain scenes up which we felt would not have had the same effect if we jumped straight into them. Apologies that this animation didn't live up to your curiously high standards.

Yup that was my first day too.

good times. Now you need shears to get wool though, which requires iron, which means no hope for beds on the first day :C

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Jimbo-Limbo responds:

Yes, unfortunately a day after this animation was released, the 1.7 update was released on Minecraft which introduced shears, haha. This does unfortunately make the wool collecting scene questionable now. Oh well, it'll act as a reminder to different, earlier times on Minecraft I guess.


dude that freakin awesome good job

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Jun 28, 2011
2:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody