Bazooki: A Silent Affair

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Shoot the barrels in this silent movie themed sequel to the hit game 'Bazooki'!

Art by Chaz = www.FlashChaz.com
Programming Wayne Marsh = www.MarshGames.com
Sponsored by Kizi.com = www.Kizi.com

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Right, time to write a review that's helpfull

Firstly i will say that i really like the style of the game, really fun and the comments at the end of a level or set i should say :P were pretty funny.

As stated below the levels were pretty easy, perhaps you could have taken away the line that shows where your bullet was going either completely or partially, maybe both as you get later on in the levels.

What got me at first was sometimes you weren't allowed to change your characters position until you hit a balloon with the icon on, it didn't take long for me to work it out but in the first level that featured moving your characters posistion i didn't have to do that so i presumed that would always be the case. for a future game if a tutorial isn't made perhaps just a page with all the balloons you can get on levels with descriptions on what they provide.

Over all i would reccomend this game, there wasn't any bugs that i found and the music which is looped didn't get on my nerves and suited the style of the game very well

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The game was pretty easy...

I know because I beat it.

Very bad.

Ok, where to begin. . .
First off it wasn't in an accurate 'silent move' style, with the breaking glass, explosions, and blips it just wasn't accurate at all. During the loading screen I was looking forward to nuklear level explosions with no volume at all, then maybe a blank screen with the words *BOOM* on it. But no, apparently you've never seen a silent move.
Second you aren't even using a bazooka. That's a grenade launcher, bazookas don't arch much at all let alone the odd tricks you are to pull off during the game.
Third their is no explaining on what the hell it is you're trying to do. Oddly enough we have to explode all barrels of TNT, without blowing up the fake bomb. You never say why, you never say how, and you in fact never even say to.
This game is just bad, 0/5, but 3/10 for the effort and, granted, really good concept. You just went in the wrong direction with it.


The amount of work and detail put into the silent movie style certainly elevates the fun factor of what otherwise probably would have been a fairly typical shooting/puzzle hybrid.

Fun game

the 21th and 22th advices are important :D

you could have mixed the stages a bit more to make more complex levels, exept for the 21th and the 1st (learning to play O.o), all of them in my opinion were quite easy
It's not hard to discover what to do because the game is pretty simple, so I guess there's no need for a tutorial
no extras? D:

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4.16 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2011
11:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed