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Haunted Asylum

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Author Comments

Escape the haunted asylum.

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Short, quick game. loved it.

There is only one digit lock to solve with its clue on two paintings. The goal is to find seven missing cogs with the help of tools and keys. It's totally fine to explore the rooms without buying a crystal. The lantern is used as a lighter, not for illuminating the dark environment.

Music seems to fit a quest or adventure-action game than this trapped asylum.

I couldn't play this. I've gotten partially through it three times and things just keep disappearing from my menu. First the screwdriver vanished before I had a chance to use it, so I reloaded and restarted, then gears vanished after I collected them. The third time I couldn't even mark colours on the map so I've given up. This game is far too buggy.

selfdefiant responds:

Strange! I didn't have any trouble, I played through before uploading.

Great game... I like the ghost in the shop.

This is ok i guess

I remember playing this game somewhere else did you steal it?

selfdefiant responds:

The only other place you could have played is my site Melting-Mindz.com. Otherwise someone stole it from me!