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LUFTRAUSER is a sepia-monochrome dogfight game in which players try to hold out as long as possible against endless airplanes and ships, complemented by a kick-ass soundtrack.

LUFTRAUSER was created by Not Vlambeer (Jan Willem Nijman & Rami Ismail), Paul 'Pietepiet' Veer and Kozilek. It is a game in which a lone pilot tries to hold out as long as possible against increasingly overwhelming waves of airplanes and ships. Simple in controls, the player is capable of executing some backbreaking maneouvres while emptying their machinegun on their enemies.

Players use the Up, Left & Right arrow keys (or W, A, D) to control their LUFTRAUSER and X to fire their machine gun. While shooting, the airplane does not regenerate health.

The goal of the game is to score the highest possible score.

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Very sweet game!

Fucking Love The Soundtrack Wish More People Knew Of This Game.

This game is fun, buy the sequel its worth it

Just leaving this here incase Jan or Rami read this. Playing this game on my parent's laptop and in computer science class is what got me into gaming. Thanks for this tight little piece of work.
A huge gamerboi

ps. Cutting off your engines and turning back to anihilate your pursuers is still one of the most satisfying things I've done in any game.

protip: stay away from the water.