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Today, we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that's happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

PS. This one is about 14 minutes long, fair warning. Because of the way i have to embed audio so that it stays in sync, i can't add a pause button (the audio just keeps going forever). If you need to pause and watch specific parts, please view in HD on Youtube, links are in the preloader :) Sorry about the inconvenience.

Links and Sources (remove the spaces)
Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Spirit-Science/21023 8862349944
Twitter - @itsJordanD

Flower of Life books - http://www.megaupload.com /?d=VYD4KMN3

Humans Are Free - DNA Mutations - http://humansarefree.com/
2011/04/amazing-scientist s-our-dna-is-mutating.htm l

DNA Mutation - Spiritual Evolution
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=g7VOKDQz3yU

Are we Crystalline Beings
http://lewfh.tripod.com/c oloursarecodedfrequencies inphotonicbandgapcrystals tructures/


three questions.

i love your lessons and i want to thank you for taking time to make them. i dont beleive every single thing you say but it's made me thing of some things differently and either support or make me change some of my own thoughts.
anyway, i have two queastions

-you said that the fruit of life can fit in to that level of conciousness(forgot wich one), but can't you just resize the fruit to fit in to it?

-you also said that we used to have a 12 stranded dna. can you show some proof that we had that or around when we "lost" them. also if some people are going from 2-3, how are we going to go to 3-12 in just over one year?
-also can you explain the effects of the 3'rd dna strand?

-also, are the other dna strands going to have a crystaline base and overpower the carbon bases or do you think that those carbon bases will mutate in the cristaline?

RiverJordan responds:

1. From the point of the first circle to the 5th, it fits the fruit of life perfectly with the same size circle as the 1st.

2. I think i made a mistake there. I recently found it's not "strands" of DNA, but components in how the double helix connects to itself. We are all mutating from 2-3 (in connections), and it will be like a burst of energy, a pulse, or a heartbeat of our species all at one big moment, probably after a great change that we all experience in the next year and a half.

3. I cannot specifically, no. Someone probably can :P

4. They'll be the densest aspect of our DNA, our physical aspect in the 3rd dimension, but we will return to understanding the higher dimensions with the other 97%


Its looks good, your info im sure is very good, and your passionate about what you saying but seriously i cant finish this because it is just boring. To boring. Losing consciousness

RiverJordan responds:

All good :) It's not for everyone!


I really like your spirit science. As many, im definitively interested by it BUT, you lack exemples and solid proofs. In other words, it require a bit of "faith" and the reason of why I'm not protestent or a muslim is , what a coincidence, because I don't have faith. You do have some proofs but you should try to get more of them. I know that its hard because you speak about topics wich are still taboo to a great part of the world. As I said before, I'm greatly interested by your work.

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i love reading the comments on Newgrounds, cuz everyone says this is incorrect and stupid and this is wrong, you dont know this and that, but if you look on google and really look into it, your see he is right, and you idiots posting these comments are just the kids that used to be top of there class in school and from that point on pasivly think they are always right and what ever they say is right and if anyone sounds smart while talking about somthing, they MUST be wrong!
Newgrounds, you make me laugh.


A lot of the enlightenment scientists actually believed in God. God is the master of science. these fruits of life or whatever could exist, but that doesn't mean they weren't created. Take a look at Laminin. A small wonder in itself. and about the pyramids? They could have just been making the bottom of the chamber 1/3 the way up from the bottomm it is speculation to say the rotation thing. I do agree that nothing happens without a reason. The vetruvian man also is an example of how well proportioned the human body is, symmetrically as well. and by the way, those drawings of the chain of evolution from monkey to man is drawn, doesn't mean that those exact things were found. Why is it that 3 is a special number? think about it. Why is it called the Christ dimenstion or whatever? was it because it was named after him? if anything the "Christ Consciousness" only proves that soon something could take place to redeem us. And if we are to be as Christ, that is already spoken of in the Bible. Nothing really new here. Except you think we are transforming into superheroes.

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