Deliverance Ep. 4

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Our heroes are about to be dispatched to a mission that will most likely kill them all.
Their only hope? Run away from the Russian headquarters and never talk about it again.

The fourth and longest episode of my original serie "Deliverance" so far.
Enjoy and please let me know your thought =]


Woah! It's up! And even better than I expected!

Wow, you've improved so much since the last episode! But COME ON SKIN TONE MAN!! Your style looked amazing! The clothes, the expressions (The Mute you played absolutely outstanding. Her expressions, and movements give her that personality she would've lacked without a voice- very nice!), the overall idea is fantastic! But you still don't give them skin tones! Why? It'd make it all come together so great- your profile image has skin tone, why not your animations? Lol i'm on it because it's something I keep bringing up in my notes to your animations, so it kinda got me a bit irked XD Anyway, enough on that.

I'm gonna first say that your references in this flash were fantastic. I felt like I had to pay attention to the subtle touches in the animation. Chrono Cross, Dig Dug, Dark Cloud 2, Nyan Cat, Trolling, all that really made me smile when I saw it. Really spiced up the movie. I did love the voice acting. Some of it was really well done. Sure there were awkward 'forced' moments. Like when the 2 soldiers fell into the pit, that line for the male (Still learning names, only know Aisen's name XD) felt forced, and kinda took away some of the humor of the scene. I think a silent stare, then continue to do what they were doing would've given a better impact. Or just staring, then pointing out "Where'd that grass come from? ...........so anyway." but that's just my take.

Some things to improve on:

- Closed Captioning: Some of them were wrong, and most were grammatically incorrect. Another thing would maybe add the name of who's talking in the front of the line. This isn't necessary, but I thought I should give tips where I can.
- Certain sound effects: I loved your choice of sound effects, but some didn't work. I loved the (I think it was) Excitebike motor being the elevator SFX, and the Sonic spring for the ball in the cup, but I thought when that guy fell off the wall, the landing was a bit... what's the word... soft? I don't know, but it didn't feel powerful enough. I think a louder or deeper crash would've matched it better, especially if he fell on someone else from that height.
- SKIN TONE: Been touched on. Made a lot of beautiful characters seem boring (Muscle man in the beginning, The lady in front of the computer looked gorgeous but the pure white skin really hurt it).
- Consistency: Although very few inconsistencies were scattered throughout, some things changed often. The two murderous soldiers changed their looks often, I know there was wind and details made them change, but it seemed like the green haired guy kept changing, and distracted me. (Not including the humorous change of face and attitude, I mean his physical build)

Some great things I feel deserve mentioning:

= Timing: You did excellent timing for your jokes. Even the age old dramatic-following-but-fails-terribly -without-the-protagonists-noticing gag. Aisen really helped with this, and the comic relief dude also did great (Nyan Cat switch part really got me laughing).
= Art: You've made me a huge fan.
= Atmosphere: You play the area perfect. I cannot describe how impressive you kept the feel of where they are. The scenery was great, and the colors make the world seem like where you're intending it to be, is.
= Voice Acting: Outstanding, there were some flaws, but the voice actors really seemed like they were really into their roles. And they deserve praise for how they did it.
= Minor Details: Keep doing what you're doing. The little things you put in went a long way, and I noticed. From posture, to expressions, to enviornments. Lip synching! YES! So awesome!
= Humor: Yeah, catchy!

I wonder if I forgot anything... Well, overall this was an outstanding flash and worth the wait. You deserve the score you have. A 9.8/10 and ah... THREE OUT OF FIVE!? LOL no. That's changing. Don't worry, Newgrounds recognizes great flashes, and this is one of them. It'll change.

I gave you a 5/5 and a 9/10. There were flaws, but not enough to make this flash deserve anything less than a 5.

Current Score: 3.83 / 5.00 (+ 0.0085)

Looking forward to more of your work!

PParreira responds:

Thanks man!
your review really made my day ^^

And has for the skin tone, my characters are white (except for the black characters)not becouse im lazy or anything, its just my style.
The only reason why my profile has skin, is becouse the person on that avatar is a real person: me!
Its my way of saying what's fictional and whats real.

Thanks for your complex review, hope you keep whatching my stuff =]


Theres not much to say, love the series mate so keep it comin

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Mr, Parreira.

This animation was awesome.

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I like it

nad by the way nice LOL in the computer :)

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exceptionally awesomeness..

how else can someone even decribe this. You did an incredible job!
But the guy is right u know, that kitty krew song is catchy as hell..

What i like the most is that u used a great ammount of classic scenes, which are used in the most well made animations.

for example: When the guy talks out loud about his shipment, while the guard wasn't supposed to hear it, but he did anyway.

This Really is amazing. You deserve all the credits.

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