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Mosquito & Cow

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Puzzles in marker-style!
Game by petum , music by alius .

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Nice , short game, the gameplay was GREAT , needs a teensy bit of tweaking with the mechanics , like with the last lunar rover controls and the ropes , and kind of like make the earthworm's advice a bit more clearer ? I know that there's a hint box, but the player shouldn't be using them on every level , but even without these things , it's a 5 star worthy ,well made and drawn game.


Convept is good but it took me a while to know what i had to do

Sooo sweet!

A crocodile hunts a snake, a snake hunts a frog, a frog hunts a mosquito, a mosquito hunts a cow, a cow... Häää?!?! A mosquito hunts a cow??
YES! In this game you play a mosquito hunting a cow and it makes fun :D

+ Point and click adventure with timing and skill aspects
+ Very different riddles
+ It's a good feeling to play weak mosquito "fighting" against a big cow :)
+ Indirect control of other creatures
+ The game is fully internationalized. It doesn't use words.
+ Nice hint system
- A bit too short
- Sometimes the control is a bit fiddly (espacially when using the rope)
- You have a "how can I reach the last level" feeling
- In the beginning of the game you don't really know how important the stars are

- It's an adventure and there is no story?!
+ In my opinion the story isn't important...

+ Really nice style
+ Everything is drawn clearly
+ Sweet cows and animations - they are looking so helpless, love it
+ Different scenes

It happened again: I forgot to turn on my speakers ;(

+ 9 plus 1 riddle
+ Usually you need more than one try to solve them
+ Game in the game (hint-system)
+ Hidden stars. That's why I played the game two times
- Too short, because it makes so much fun and suddenly it is over :(
- You don't really want to play the game twice, but you must :)
- One riddle (4 or 5 or so) is much too easy. And this one riddle is 10% of the game.

Section | Weight | Percent
Gameplay | 50 | 70%
Graphics | 20 | 100%
Story | 10 | 50% (includes the nice idea)
Scale | 20 | 80%
All | 100 | 76% ---> 8 stars

Thank you for this nice game. I had a lot of fun with it. And maybe with a lot of fantasy the game has a psychological worth: Not only strenght brings you closer to your aim, mostly intelligence is the key... Or something like that :D (It's hard for an Austrian to put it into the right English words, hahaha)
And now I learned another thing: Cows are dumb

Thank you for reading and hopefully see you on my newgrounds site. I will post a walkthrough of this game soon!


Very awesome

I liked it a lot. The game concept itself isn't all that original, but it's got something.

The puzzles largely made sense, and the timing required to finish some of the levels makes it more challenging than most point and click games.
The atmosphere and the absurdity of the premise (mosquito wants cow blood) makes this a game that you can ponder without going nuts with frustration - and you do have to ponder. This isn't a game where you just need to find the right spots to click in order to win.

The mini-game you put me through for the sake of a hint seemed a bit of a dick move (I HATE touch-the-wall-and-you-die games) but I also saw that it made sense. "Are you really really sure you wouldn't rather figure it out for yourself than go through this crap?" - is what I imagine you were thinking as you put it in.

I'm not too sure what to think about the fact that you need to complete each level with the star lighted up in order to access the last one. I got all the stars on my first tries, because I'm OCD like that, but some people may just be very confused as to why they can't play the last level.

Oh, and I also liked that the instructions and gameplay in general had nothing to do with language.

Thanks for a great game :)

Epic game!

Dude that's awesome!
P.S. pass first 8 levels then i see some moon, but after pathing level with loupe too times I can't chose it :(

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2011
6:09 AM EDT