Sonic: PHX Episode 13

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Alright, so maybe i took a little longer than usual but i hope it`s worth it. THIS.... IS.... AWESOME!!!!! (record scratch Sparta 300 ripoff lolwut?)... Jokes aside, i highly recommend you watch the previous episodes AND read my newest post. This will be continued in season 2. I also will take longer to make an episode in season 2 due to the improvements i have to make ALONG with the timeline... but enough about that.
I hope you like my little preloader update... Soon i`ll update each preloader to the max XD
Ok, so read, review, and thanks for everything!


"I am not dumm. Spectrum..."

Funny how you spell dumb wrong.

It's a good series, but it needs more action. Not necessarily fighting.

Exorz responds:

Ya i know. Thanks for reviewing.

Hmm, your storytelling is improving a bit.

No fighting really, so I can't critique the action, but the dialogue wasn't half bad. You did mispell 'dumb', and I'm not sure that an all powerful centuries old Dark God would try to go for sarcasm. But hey, you wrapped things up with some nice effects, and it was nice to see everyone back to normal, ya know, without wings and crazy color schemes.

I read that you'll be taking a break, but I'll be looking forward to your next season when you get to it. Meanwhile, I'll try to do something. Like, finish an episode. (It's been, like, a year, hasn't it?)

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Exorz responds:

Heh thanks really. I just wanted to try to improve this time a bit around the episode.
Well the Dark God (me) can go for sarcasm... like u said, hes ancient from centuries. That`s EXACTLY why he CAN be sarcastic. And ya its been a year.

a Great ending to a great series

great episode and man you probably had to rush like hel to finish these past few episodes so quick.

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Exorz responds:

Nah its just my style man. Cant stay still to relax i just animate... Its the only thing i like. Thanks.

Kick Ass!

I enjoyed the entire season, and the finale was just excellent. Good has triumphed, evil is thwarted, all is well with the universe...or is it? Classic. I'm really looking forward to the second season now! ^_^

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Exorz responds:

Yep. I know the action wasn`t so much (at least if what many people expected...), but i was focused on doing the best (but not TOO best, i dont want to have a huge jump like DoD; Ep1-3 - crap; Ep4/5 AWESOME no offense). That is why in Season 2 i`ll try to improve. And as for the universe... heh, i`ll get my revenge on Sonic. XD
Thanks for reviewing.


i gave you always give you a 10 because it always rocks this is a really nice ending dude good job and good luck for the next season of Sonic Power Hunters.

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Exorz responds:

Thanks. And i won`t upload ep1 of SPHX2 any soon. I said i`ll take a year or 2 of rest vacation and whatnots. To be fair if i hadn`t rush all this wouldve been finished in years.

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Jun 27, 2011
5:27 AM EDT