Sonic: PHX Episode 13

June 27, 2011 –
November 5, 2018
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Author Comments

Alright, so maybe i took a little longer than usual but i hope it`s worth it. THIS.... IS.... AWESOME!!!!! (record scratch Sparta 300 ripoff lolwut?)... Jokes aside, i highly recommend you watch the previous episodes AND read my newest post. This will be continued in season 2. I also will take longer to make an episode in season 2 due to the improvements i have to make ALONG with the timeline... but enough about that.
I hope you like my little preloader update... Soon i`ll update each preloader to the max XD
Ok, so read, review, and thanks for everything!


hmmm followed up the whole series, and i dunno was expecting a certain kind of showdown, not saying it was ... bad or anything, just that, it was... different, like... boring different! Now i dunno if it is neccesarry to actually post a review on such an old flash, last reply was back in 2013 and this joint came up in 2011... ahhmm, i dont even know if you still are around NG but anyway. Have been watching sprite flash movies since 2006 when I was still a guest around this web, and gotta say that looking up to this and then watching Chaos Emeralds DX, its a huge but HUUUGE difference man, and i have to tell you that this flash series was amazing, from what I've heard you've left the series with a cliffhanger? anyway, there are things wrong with this like, really i dunno what was u thinking at in that combat bettween the shadowwalker and ... the god of good (which was totally ridiculous when i heard its name) it just shouldn't go like that power ranger thinngy EVIL VS GOOD WE ARE THE FORCES OF GOOD and WILL annihilate F0RcEs of eV!L and ... na ma dude... Also the sounds repeat themselves a lot of times from them superpowers being clashed in the classic DBZ style. Also the script, the characters talking one to each other is ridiculous, it creates a ridiculous atmosphere, making me know that in situations like those, you couldn't actually say such words. But I've followed Chaos Emerald DX and the words you put sonic to say, it totally felt like sonic talking over there, proabably cos u got a lil help from MajinThrenok. All in all is good flash... yea... 5 stars here peace and hopefully u are still around to ...reply, and impress us with flashes, or ... anything else, im following you anyway. Your no.1 fan CHEERS

This was the most exciting sonic series :D thx for making this i Love it!!!! :D infinite/10 for you xD or infinite/0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 xD

I believe that you're just epic. Way past epic. I appreciate watching this, You've impressed me and everyone else, So don't just give up on us. Keep up the work and you might become popular in Newgrounds. I hope to see you making good progress. You're doing great already, so keep it up. You're my favorate animator! :D Great job on this amazing movie, and you're awesome, so yeah, I'll keep up with your games, art, movies, etc. Thanks for using my time to watch this, I enjoyed it, thanks, and have fun (Or not) With animating and creating games. Have a nice day, sir! -Mario77877

the most epic series ever! ......and the song at the credits....that's from sonic and the black night right?

Theat Form of knuckles is a different character

I like your animations and all, but this knuckles transformation is stolen its actually belongs to someone and it's someones fan character.

<deleted> responds:

Geez ok. I know. Thanks for reviewing. I`ll give additional credit to the owner yeesh!

"I am not dumm. Spectrum..."

Funny how you spell dumb wrong.

It's a good series, but it needs more action. Not necessarily fighting.

<deleted> responds:

Ya i know. Thanks for reviewing.

Hmm, your storytelling is improving a bit.

No fighting really, so I can't critique the action, but the dialogue wasn't half bad. You did mispell 'dumb', and I'm not sure that an all powerful centuries old Dark God would try to go for sarcasm. But hey, you wrapped things up with some nice effects, and it was nice to see everyone back to normal, ya know, without wings and crazy color schemes.

I read that you'll be taking a break, but I'll be looking forward to your next season when you get to it. Meanwhile, I'll try to do something. Like, finish an episode. (It's been, like, a year, hasn't it?)

<deleted> responds:

Heh thanks really. I just wanted to try to improve this time a bit around the episode.
Well the Dark God (me) can go for sarcasm... like u said, hes ancient from centuries. That`s EXACTLY why he CAN be sarcastic. And ya its been a year.

a Great ending to a great series

great episode and man you probably had to rush like hel to finish these past few episodes so quick.

<deleted> responds:

Nah its just my style man. Cant stay still to relax i just animate... Its the only thing i like. Thanks.

Kick Ass!

I enjoyed the entire season, and the finale was just excellent. Good has triumphed, evil is thwarted, all is well with the universe...or is it? Classic. I'm really looking forward to the second season now! ^_^

<deleted> responds:

Yep. I know the action wasn`t so much (at least if what many people expected...), but i was focused on doing the best (but not TOO best, i dont want to have a huge jump like DoD; Ep1-3 - crap; Ep4/5 AWESOME no offense). That is why in Season 2 i`ll try to improve. And as for the universe... heh, i`ll get my revenge on Sonic. XD
Thanks for reviewing.


i gave you always give you a 10 because it always rocks this is a really nice ending dude good job and good luck for the next season of Sonic Power Hunters.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks. And i won`t upload ep1 of SPHX2 any soon. I said i`ll take a year or 2 of rest vacation and whatnots. To be fair if i hadn`t rush all this wouldve been finished in years.

You stole my fan character!!

You took my fan character's sprites and used him as a super form for one of the characters in this flash! You had no right to use him, you didn't even bother to ask! (If you got the sprites from someone else, lemme know. I just don't want my FC stolen and claimed as someone elses) If you want proof, check DA for the sprites, my account there is Dawesome1. (And no, people, I'm not trying to promote my account. I want to prove my ownership of the character)

<deleted> responds:

Sorry dude cant let ppl now here. I`ll pm u to tell u. But you could be realistic about rating this video >.<

Oh mai gowd......

It is awecome!You win!

<deleted> responds:

...Thanks, I guess.

its ok

it'll never be as good as SMBZ...(if it ever gets finished) but its ok. you need work on your own artwork throughout the series coz being honest some of the drawings were naff. But otherwise it wasnt a bad effort.

one last gripe. You made a HUGE time paradox right at the end. Xeno said go back to their own time but surely seeing as the universe gets destroyed in xeno's time a bit after current events their own time is not going to be anything more than 5 mins in the future which by all accounts shouldnt exist anyway coz his universe got wiped out. surely the present would have been an accurate time and dimension for both xeno and silver, who i might add was in theory with sonic ect before these events coz they were in training.

but yeh its alright

<deleted> responds:

Thank you but you have some things misjudged. See, Xeno came to the present right at the moment when Sonic wanted to leave his team when he saw Tails and Shadow killed. He warned him not to leave and then the whole time-space condaminium had changed. As I recall, in their future Ultimatix (Perfect form of Ultima Prime; DONT JUDGE ME i just like that robot`s design), had gained all the power he needed and destroyed the universe before the Shadowwalker could regain his original form. That there is the paradox my friend. If Sonic didn`t leave THIS exactly would happen.

And 2 things:
1. I consider the series as training work so i can myself say SMBZ mops the floor with this... sadly.
2. I didn`t make any drawings here, and most probably wont be on Season 2 too except bigger poses.
3. It`s finished, just that there will be a season 2.

Excellent movie!!

Action? 104% accurate!!!!!

<deleted> responds:

Nice, thanks for reviewing man. Means a lot.

first review

nice ending one of the best sieries of sonic sprites it was kind of lolish that you killed you're self(you(athour) you(shadowwalker))
anyway can't wait for season 2!

<deleted> responds:

Oh boy, here we go.
1. Do you mean that this is the best episode of my series or one of the best series comparing to others?
2. Even if Shadowwalker died, i will still live cuz hes my character i`m not him. I can make TONS of characters like him but i have to stick to animation. PLUS, he didn`t die, the thrilling scene clearly showed his spirit is alive. True, he rly died but i`ll explain how he lives again in Season 2.
3. Dude you`ll wait because i`m starting after a year.
And thanks for reviewing.


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