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[in]Sanity Demo

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Game created in 48 hours for the Mini Ludum Dare #27 Jam. In this crime investigation game, you control a detective sent to Procyon City to investigate a homicide and the disappearance of three other detectives.
Arrow keys to select choices and Space key for action. Press M to mute/unmute the audio.

This is the demo finished for the Mini LD #27. We plan to complete it if we get positive feedback. :D

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that was cool it was dumb at first but before i knew it it was the end of demo cant wait to see more

pretty cool , frankly using this system is better in some ways, it saves you the waste of time of actually
clicking mindlessly at objects so hidden it takes luck to find or fail horribly when you click lightly off while combining objects. and you actually make choices. Red Herrings are good when applied well.
nice trick at the start but it helped allot in some ways :)


like cluelessK said, you should add checkpoints and maybe add a button that skips the text instead of waiting for it to fill up the screen. it's good enough for it to be in the frontpage.

Thanks for the feedback!

Since I worked on this game I believe you guys might find me guilty, but here's what I think!

We're just showing you guys the concept of a text-based investigation game, we know that gaming industry is in this "ACTION FPS OMG OMG HYPE" thing, that's why we wanted to try to make something different for people that have brains and are already tired of jumping and shooting like crazy monkeys.

Things that we know that we must improve if you guys like our game is:

* Checkpoint system for a non-boring gameplay.
* More buttons and better puzzles for higher interactivity (Sorry, but mouse point&click stuff right now is a bit far from our current knowledge/avaliable time).
* Better art work and more expressive sound effects.
* A less punishing script (sorry for the bike joke people, but I wanted you all to die right in the beginning of the game 'cuz Im evil).

Anything else that you guys want to tell us to help us improve the game is very very very welcome.

Definitely has potential.

I like a number of the concepts. The completely random death by motorcycle in the beginning was a little stupid though, if I may say. I guess you could say it's used to demonstrate to the player that it's easy to die, but... eh.

I would enjoy playing a full version.