Classified Random 2

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Just another one of our pods, this time around its just us talking about us when we were wee little lads.

Theres an easter egg in this one of a never to be released Classified Random, if you find it.. Its racist XD! sorry! enjoy :D



omg lol thats a funny crazy story damn lol both of you tom lol I bet u were a good kid lol:) I once stabbed a kid in the eye with a pencil but he was a bully lol I never got in trouble for that :)but haha this was so freakin funny. kicking down a door while a guy is taking a crap damn I want to know were that kid is now that had the idea to do that lol, that was just so wrong but whats worse is you guys did it at the worst possible moment lol I am sure u have some type of trama from watching a grown mexican man with a mustache wiping his taco, burrito diarrhea ass lol :_

SO FUCKING FUNNY! XD!!! HA! I'm six years old and my dicks bigger than yours!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!!

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The racist "convasation" really got to me. I'll use the word around only certain friends. One hispanic-y guy I know can take some jokes.
Anyway, this is some nice raw recording, and I hope you guys put more up.

I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and .::SPOILER ALERT::. secret short is located on dads head on loading page. I still can't stop laughing XD XDXD

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Jun 24, 2011
2:10 PM EDT
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