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There are the element stones: fire, earth, air and water; metal and special joker stones. A highlight on the field determines what gems should be matched over them to fill the sockets of the item. Time is limited, but you can extend it by collapsing the joker stones. On the right side of the screen you will see the timer and the progress bar, which shows how close are you to success.

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Enjoyable yet unpolished.

Played it all the way through. It was fairly intuitive, but could probably use a tutorial video. Took a little while to notice that I had to hunt for the colored squares before I had that, "oh duh" moment. Could really use an opening screen. As someone mentioned before, it could also use some kind of a treasure room. If you're "collecting" items by completing puzzles, you might as well look at your loot. You could also use the treasure room as a level selection screen. I'd like to be able to select levels. It also needs more of a congratulatory ending.

Background music could be a nice addition, as long as it's not overwhelming or irritating. Although, if you want to be a bit mean you could have some kind of fast paced "hurry up" music when the clock hits around 15 seconds.

Overall the gameplay was good. Smooth. I think it just needs to be fleshed out as more of a complete game. Seems incomplete at this time.


In essence, it's a good game, in that it works perfectly well. But it's not in the least original but for the "missions" for each level. Also, background music would be much appreciated.


1) So the first time I played, I ran into the problem someone mentioned below where they matched the jokers, but instead of increasing the time, I had two times flashing back and forth. One was over a minute and the other was mid-20s. Not sure if the lower one actually ran out but the game ended.

2) The scores: are they cumulative? Every level seems to reset me to zero, and I can't submit my score after I lose a level to show how well I did, but only between levels when I've succeeded. Is my score maintained despite "continues" being used, or does it start over? Again, there is no correlation I've seen between the score I have and the score that shows up when I hit submit score.

It'd be nice to know what my score is as I'm going through, even if it is just the level score at the bottom and a cumulative score elsewhere. Perhaps on the between levels screen you can show total score?

NightNibelon responds:

The score is cumulative and submitting is working with "general game-score". That was sponsor's wish, not mine.
About the jokers I'll examine, it did not happen for me :(

It's a nice concept...

...but its execution could use some work.

First of all, you provided very little in the way on instructions on how to actually play the game, and it took me a while to figure out. To those of you confused on how to play: you need to switch adjacent pieces by clicking a piece then clicking the piece you want to switch it with to connect 3+ in a row to clear the pieces, and you need to match the right element over a colored block to clear the block (i.e. match Water pieces over blue blocks, Metal pieces over grey blocks, etc.). The stage is clear once you clear the colored blocks off the screen.

The problem with the gameplay is that it relies too much on luck. There's been several times already that I haven't been able to complete a level through no fault of my own because the pieces I need simply wouldn't drop in a useful arrangement. Perhaps you can have it where successfully clearing a colored block will increase your time, or so that Jokers will boost time to a higher degree? The way it is now, finishing a stage is annoying at best, and infuriating at worst. A failure, IMO, should be at least in part due to something the player did, not something completely based on luck.

It's a nice game =)

You would put a picture of a magician's room being filled with the itens collected to show what was been colected. Or the mage being equiped with the itens colected.

NightNibelon responds:

Good idea, thank you! :)

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2.66 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2011
7:43 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 25, 2011