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Author Comments

Finished in around two months. For some reason I'm always disappointed with the quality of my work...

This might get rated lower than "An Arthopod's Adventure" due to the fact because it doesn't really have that much of a deeper meaning (although if you're bored feel free to pseudo-psychoanalyze it) and it's mainly at 15 FPS. And the backgrounds, ugh, I hate making them white but I dunno what else to put in there.

I hope the quality of my next work can reach Sexual-Lobster's or Oney's, next time I'll bother doing a rough sketch and zooming in to do my final outlines, which will probably take around six months...

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now where the heck is her mouth

and dear god only know'z where it is O_O
or?.... what it'z doing Q_Q

I'll try an interpretation

Since you invite us in your comment to "pseudo-psychoanalyze" your flash, I'll give it a try:

This entire flash is a allegory for the hunt for love.
If we want to get loved, we sometimes need to fight for it! But yet, often enough, we didn't find the right words to speak right from the heart (That's why the heart, if that is a heart, stole her mouth).

We have to fight one's weaker self (the fat guy in the door) and our inner demons (the dragon / demon in the next room) until we find the bravery to risk everything for it! (Final Scene with the bomb).

Well, is that interpretation ok for you? ;-D
About the flash, yes, the graphics are a bit rough like others mentioned already, but it's not terrible. Don't be to harsh to yourself!
You sure got some talent and I'm curious to see your next flash!

... What?

I really don't understand this. What is she chasing after? Why are all the things in her way? How did cutting all the wires not encompass the two wrong ones and blow up the bomb?

Also, the animation is a bit rushed and unprofessional, especially that one shot of the feet running. It looks like she's jogging in place. A simple moving background would've solved this without too much work.

However, I did like the music. It gave a tense atmosphere to an otherwise disappointing movie.

..wasnt really funny

but i guess a bit funny

Strangely Satistfying

The animation was nice and simple with a unique plot. The animation quality was not bad, but additional color or the use of backgrounds would've greatly improved the work. The soundtrack is what won the flash. Great choice. Everyone is critical of their work. All we can do is practice.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2011
11:30 PM EDT