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Sonic's 20th Anniversary

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This is my gift for you Sonic, an animation in your honor with scenes from most of your games. Sorry that not ALL the games are included, but then the music wouldn't have hit so perfectly with the animation; and also not all the drawings in the animation has shadows and highlights, it's because I didn't had the time to put them, but I think it's still a good animation. Anyways, enjoy my present for you, and happy birthday Sonic! :)

Some games are not included because they are not part of the normal Sonic Storyline, the ones with alternative stories, example:
-Sonic Riders
-Sonic 4


Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic

Brings back so much childhold memories

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Don't have to be a Sonic fan

... To appreciate the effort put into this. Because I'm sure not a Sonic fan yet I do like this animation. I can tell you thought about your choice of music and cared about the work. I can't speak for accuracy of recreated scenes (although I assume it's very high). That just leaves quality of the art - if you keep doing works like this that you're motivated to work on, your quality will improve with the practice and sincere effort. So, cheers, I hope you keep animating.

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This was pretty good!

Good animation, song choice was pretty good, liked how you went throughout his entire gaming career (or at least the games that were major to the series, still a good idea). All in all I'd say this is a nice tribute to the fast blue hedgehog, congratulations!

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that was an awesome tribute to one of the best video game characters in existence, great job.

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The Sonic Spirit's There!

I like it. The animation was good, and the music fits perfectly. I can really see that you enjoy Sonic and the Games wich he's in. This is definetly getting higher score just for the good spirit it brings with it. I also liked that Shadow's Gun was like 3 guns overall, due to the different ways he reloaded it.^^ I also wonder, why didn't Silver have a neck, or even body when he was in close-up? Other than that, great job!

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Jun 23, 2011
7:36 PM EDT