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Sonic's 20th Anniversary

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Jun 23, 2011 | 7:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my gift for you Sonic, an animation in your honor with scenes from most of your games. Sorry that not ALL the games are included, but then the music wouldn't have hit so perfectly with the animation; and also not all the drawings in the animation has shadows and highlights, it's because I didn't had the time to put them, but I think it's still a good animation. Anyways, enjoy my present for you, and happy birthday Sonic! :)

Some games are not included because they are not part of the normal Sonic Storyline, the ones with alternative stories, example:
-Sonic Riders
-Sonic 4



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Good choice with celebrating Sonic's 20th. Not to be rude or anything, Sonic 4 is part of the original storyline, it even says on the Sonic 4 website that it takes place right after Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Check it out if you don't believe me

Hexthemaster responds:

Yes, I know what you are talking about; but for me Sonic 4 didn't exactly was kind of a story, since you just play through various stages and end up fighting in space with no story specified; so it was kind of an extra game, considering that Sonic Colors was a continuation in storyline that was released at the same time with Sonic 4, so if you see it in that way, Sonic 4 is an alternative story. (until they release the rest of the episodes)


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Some Games you could've put in.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic Free Riders, Sega SuperStars Tenis, Sonic and Sega allstars Raicing, Sonic Rush 1 and 2, Sonic Chronicles the dark Brotherhood, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic and Winter Olympic Games, and a special Appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Other than those missed It's really good.

Hexthemaster responds:

Why can't you people understand, those games are not part of the normal Sonic Storyline, so I did not included them.
And even Sega's own tribute had the same titles I put here, and the ones I did not put, they didn't too.
Just search for Sega America's channel on youtube, and search for their video.
It seems I thought the same way Sega did when I made my animation.


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I know you can discuss over and over again which games should be mentioned in such a birthday-flash and which not. I think you made a rather good choice, but I understand other opinions as well.

In my eyes, that's not the major point. The atmosphere is much more important, and you did a damm fine job on that part! You choose the right music and pictures to create a kind of real sentiment.

Especially the first scene (an almost thoughtful Sonic look into the stars, maybe resconsider about the past and the future...) and the final scene (Sonic running with his alter ego, they glance at each other and grin) almost brought a tear to my eye!

That's some great picture language you use, kudos for that!

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To be frank, i have NEVER played sonic games :3!
But this animation is amazing, you made me remember those days when people were into sonic xD.
My little nephew plays sonic more than mario xD (nk) and to him this video was more than a happy birthday, and i'm glad.
This is a well done animation, and i give it a 10 :B
...and Happy Birthday Sonic ^w^


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Comment:Its pretty cool but your missing some things.
Concern:Why I picked 8.Your missing sonic rider's.

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Hexthemaster responds:

That game is not in the normal Sonic timeline, is an alternative story; that's why I didn't put it in here.