The Tale of Lambert

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So here it is. Nine hours in the making, folks! A fan, (DarkFawful) pointed out that I used the same name (Lambert) on two different posters. In MadSeth 2: 'Lambert: Employee of the Month', and in MadSeth 4: 'Look both ways before stepping out of the elevator -Remember what happened to Lambert?'. Believe it or not, I used the same name completely on accident. No National Treasure mumbo jumbo here.

So I've finally decided to tell you folks the sad, sad tale of Lambert, Employee of the Month.

I respond to every review.


This is...*crying*..so...sad..

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It's a sad day.

That is really really good. I was sad and stuff. One question.
Why did Lamberts baby not come to the burial? Did it die?

Rapheus responds:

Oh, Flizzternizzle. The baby was with her grandparents. After all, a graveyard is no place for a baby.

nice film, its quite emotional and touches me quite good :D musik just fitted epicly, although a sader tone of music for the funeral wouldve been better, but nevertheless a "madness" film with ... only 1 casualty yea that works, but your good, keep up the work, like ur style of the real world, hits the nail on the top...

a suggestion would be making the scenes abit scruffier, like in his suit make the tie look scruffy like he had a hard day

just a last question, why the hell is the priest showing 2 thingers?

hope to see more of this, even bad stuff can be tearned into true art :D

Rapheus responds:

Thanks, man! I'm glad it touched you in a non-Sandusky way. Kill count isn't really important to me, I always try to shoehorn a story in.

I should have made him scruffier looking, but I couldn't be arsed.

I guess the priest was wishing 'peace' upon Lambert's soul.

Thanks again, my man! There are dozens of grunts who are yearning to have their stories told.

Pretty deep animation

The music and tone of the story was perfect. Made me have to listen to Mad World.

Rapheus responds:

I downloaded like 35 versions of it from the Audio Portal and looped them as I animated this. Then I picked my fav.


poor Lambert,sad story...

Rapheus responds:

Madness has its consequences...

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Jun 23, 2011
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