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The following video was a commissioned piece that I was able to collaborate with Newgrounds musical and voice talent on. It was very much inspired by the Blink Life series.

While the promo isn't particularly comedic or dramatic, I'm posting it here for a couple reason: (1) It was developed and created by Newgrounds talent, (2) I prefer the swf player, (3) it's a sign, to me, that NG talent is an untapped resource that can cover a huge range of genres ... including the corporate market.

For what it is, I hope you all enjoy.


this is great i know im 14 but still good...

advertisment i would invest if i could and this is a great way to get that out there good animating too

An enjoyable commercial

This is one of the best commercials I have seen that is better than most commercials I have seen aired in USA in Middle-of-Friggin-Nowhere, Kansas. Really, this is something of a high quality crap that is better than those crappy 3D made ones. HAVE you seen them!? I swear it looks like they weren't even trying.

Your style looks super fluid and nice. Voice acting (And not being a fangirl... I mean fanboy of it...) by Chris Zambelis... I totally can see his career shooting up as a voice actor. Hell, if he is, I doubt he'd be fired in any of them. If he did, they fired him because he sounds too awesome for their product. (That happened to me before... They said they wanted a deep and evil voice. But I got fired because I sounded deep and sinister... The hell? That's as bad as a rap song being deleted because it sounded too intelligent! And that happened in BET a long time ago!)

Music is really nice and crisp for it's setting. I BELIEVE I have downloaded several songs from Tommy Robin, because they sound great. (Either that, or it's someone named similar to Ockeroid... But bleh.) I love it greatly.

From the mood you were setting upon what you were working on, it sets quite a setting that, "Yeah! This is totally believable! I feel better already!" And wow... I never seen someone use a grid paper before like that in ANY videos I have seen. It just fits in there. And I actually like it. I don't care what others say about this, so they can go eat food before they realize the injection they had when they helped with lab testing is making them eat their own legs, thinking it was a giant cookie on their lap! Animations need more Grid Papers Internets!

As for what you made it, it sends quite a unique symbol that no matter what a single person can do to save money. I just love the story it folds out about this and the shot of realization.

This is giving me a good vibe and with those help, it makes a flawless commercial feel, if that was the intent. I give this a I like it 8 out of 10. and a love it enough 4 out of 5. I'd beef it at max, but it's just that it is one of those little guilty pleasures to watch. Well, better than most commericals I've seen, and those in my head rank similar to a craptastic 2 out of 10. (The one at 3 of 10 is the new Adult Swim commercials, but that's being nice. The 2 of 10 is those fail 3D animations with voice acting that sounds like robots that shows no life and looks like a creepy horror film if you keep it in a black background and making it look at you for a good five second slow zoom in to their souless eyes. Yeah... Flippin scary!)

But yeah. Guilty Pleasure. I'd like to see it again. Wouldn't mind watching it sometimes or getting linked to this again. Everything is great, but I prefer not looking at commercials.

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RicePirate responds:

Very thorough and kind review. I was torn whether to post this ... seeing as it wasn't the usual NG material, but was made by an NG team. Again, thanks for your thoughts :)

I choose sperm donation. AAAWWWW YEAAAAHHH!

Well voiced, well animated, well thought out, well written, pretty much a perfect promotional flash.

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I love this video... WHY THIS only have 4,500 views?

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Aw Man

"Cause Money doesn't grow on trees" - Dam.

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