Morphemon Duelists Ep.2

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It's a long load and long playing (20+ minutes) so go get something to eat, get comfortable and watch it in full screen.
There's no need to watch Morphemon Duelists Ep.1, it won't affect your understanding of this at all.
IF YOU LIKE THE MUSIC GO CHECK OUT THE ALBUM ON BANDCAMP, there's longer versions of the songs on there to stream and bonus content if you purchase it.
Started working on MD2 in late 2006 and put a good 1-2 years of animation work into it and then a futher 3 years of bullshitting about voices and music. I pretty much ended up doing everything, every voice is mine and aside from 2 guitar parts (thanks Hoblit) the music is completely made by me. And somehow, the original script i wrote in 2006 seems to have withstood these 5 years in development hell without degrading terribly (hooray for character based humor!). I hope people enjoy this... seriously.
Big thanks to Tom Fulp and Newgrounds for sponsoring this... i'm so destitute!


Your sense of humor

Is so retardedly warped that I have to give you a good score. Animation wasn't that great, jokes were so-so, but it was soooo long.

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It was...

That was utter tripe. Honestly...

Needs a front page. ":)

I would have given a ten for the intro scene. But it just got better from that point on.
And everytime i thought the pacing got bad, jokes like "eggs are just chicken pms" slapped me in the face. That was the only thing wrong with this really the artwork leaves a bit of emptyness and speed of conversations feel sometimes slow but damn those are just minor things.
Its so well done its worth the couple of years waiting for a sequel. Any good job gonna watch this stuff again ;)

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Awesomeness Acchieved!

For such a long wait, the payoff was great. Amazing work, dude. I'd love to see even more Morphemon. I do miss Nora and Zee Zee's voice actresses, though...

But in any case, this was fantastic. I really want to see more.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the fans wouldn't mind shorter episodes if you could get them out more often!


...Just.. 2006. I just had such a flashback when I did see this in the flash portal.
Looks just amazing. And I like how you give the characters some background.
Nice blend of fun and some sad, with just a hint of perv (you know what I mean)

Hope to see a part 3 ( But not in 5 years ;)

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PiGPEN responds:

10 maybe?

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Jun 22, 2011
10:16 PM EDT
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