Getting Noticed

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This is my second animation. I hope you think it's at least decent. By the way, For some reason the audio is in lower quality than I'd like it to be. Anyone know how to fix that?



I'm impressed that you do everything in this video from animating it, composing the music, and voice acting everything. You have a great future ahead of you. :)


i noticed some asshole keeps disliking your "Johnny Test"humor . i will personally hire a man to ass fuck him and find out where he lives and kill him. Sounds good?

I actually liked it :)

Your singing voice didn't bother me at all. I liked the story, the desperate need of attention is quite well-known, and the animations were great. I'd love to see another brilliant movie :)


well it is true the audio quality isn't the best, but really the voice talent makes up for it. A lot of times, voices in a flash like this is just grainy, poppy, or acted out badly. Not the case in the slightest. You worked within your limitations and still got great results. Also the animation was good too. Good, pretty original art style with good ways of expressing emotion. I've seen a lot of people just screw this up. I mean, the animation isn't perfect, but its small technical fixes. The art is also pretty good, just some refinements to your art and style, and you are set. I really want to see more. I have high hopes of what's up next.

- also, is that you singing? its great

oh and to answer your audio question, yes it is fixeable.
when you export, look where it says audio stream (assuming your audio is set to stream, PM me if you don't know what I'm talking about) press set then raise the bit rate(not all the way, to like 64 or something, at least until you get to what you want) and quality from there and press okay.

that help?

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I'm new

Wow for a second animation is rly good. I do want to say that it kinda annoys me that at some 'events' don't have sound (i tought i was going to be like that for the whole flash), I'm talking about moments like the bee flies but you can't hear it, or the guy makes a some face expression and i expect him to at least breath out, when the girl is looking through here stuff. So just try to put some effort on the detiles (sound and visual). But i have to say I'm impressed for a newcomer (like me) you are doing great, the idea and compositon was good. And btw you don't have to leave big pauses... i don't know maybe i'm a bit inpatient. Hope to see more of your animations !

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Jun 22, 2011
4:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Original