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Madness Amelioration

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EDIT: 10/14/11 I don't know why or how this got front page seeing how I uploaded this 4 months ago but, oh well, thanks for the front page guys :D.
This is my year and a half's worth of animation, audio and AS3 skills as they progress in complexity.
Amelioration definition: improvement, progress in development.
I also advise you to put the quality setting to med or low, some scenes are quite computer intensive.
From the humble beginnings along with noobish skills to more advanced skills in just about every aspect. All or most of the mistakes I've made have been left unchanged (painfully left unchanged) to give a further feeling of progression. For the most part the scenes are lined up in their order of completion, with the exception of the first scene, and the second scene has some extra eye candy to keep you from being bored.

Side notes: I never understood why madness movies never had play pause buttons, so I thought I'd give that to ya.
I did add some extra graphics so not all of the scenes are completely in order of completion.
I had tested this movie 25+ times, like exported the whole thing that many times due to errors, so the last finishing of this movie took forever.
Also there are skip scene buttons in most of the scenes, some of them I couldn't get to work.

16 separate scenes
32 fps
1366 library items (Big beginner mistake In My Opinion anyways)
10,635 frames (HOLY CRAP I wasn't expecting that)
3:30+ in length.
500 days in the making Dec 2009 ~ June 2011



I just want to ask did anyone else notice that these people were alot stronger than the victims in madness this guy got sliced in half and he keeps goin. anyway though I love it nuff said

fucking nice, man

fucking nice i LOVE MADNESS!!!!

good but

about middle of movie it really lagged almost to the point it froze completely it eventually passed but it was so laggy i couldnt see that scene or skip it overall though it was good ill go ahead and give ye a 5

it was awesome

right up to the point where it lagged my entire browser and i had to use task manager to take it down

Classic originality

This is something like the old Madness animations. Grade of eight though because it lagged in two different spaces for me, even at low quality. Try to be a little more easy on the frames

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4.31 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2011
4:00 PM EDT