Madness Amelioration

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EDIT: 10/14/11 I don't know why or how this got front page seeing how I uploaded this 4 months ago but, oh well, thanks for the front page guys :D.
This is my year and a half's worth of animation, audio and AS3 skills as they progress in complexity.
Amelioration definition: improvement, progress in development.
I also advise you to put the quality setting to med or low, some scenes are quite computer intensive.
From the humble beginnings along with noobish skills to more advanced skills in just about every aspect. All or most of the mistakes I've made have been left unchanged (painfully left unchanged) to give a further feeling of progression. For the most part the scenes are lined up in their order of completion, with the exception of the first scene, and the second scene has some extra eye candy to keep you from being bored.

Side notes: I never understood why madness movies never had play pause buttons, so I thought I'd give that to ya.
I did add some extra graphics so not all of the scenes are completely in order of completion.
I had tested this movie 25+ times, like exported the whole thing that many times due to errors, so the last finishing of this movie took forever.
Also there are skip scene buttons in most of the scenes, some of them I couldn't get to work.

16 separate scenes
32 fps
1366 library items (Big beginner mistake In My Opinion anyways)
10,635 frames (HOLY CRAP I wasn't expecting that)
3:30+ in length.
500 days in the making Dec 2009 ~ June 2011


Good Flash

But like evryone else says, the robot scene lags and probably causes crash

Pretty good madness animation.

The only real problem I found with this is that the movements were a little slow and shaky, I assume to mimic to original madness series, but I feel it was a little overdone.

Other than that, though, it was great. To me it felt like a madness combat flash. The visuals, combat style, etc. felt true to the original, as well as the sounds.

I'll warn you all though, about right after the robot comes in, things get a little intense, and the framerate suffers. I suggest lowering the quality at this point.

great untill

it began to lag and caused my browser to crash after the robot scene

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nothing was wrong with this ignore the haters because you are even better than krinkels himself, and there are tributes everywhere to kongregate, krinkels,half-life, x-men you my friend are awesome but next make it more madness make me feel the adrenaline of it all!

Watched it all, here's my review:

ANIMATION: Pretty good. I don't like how the characters don't have clothes or something that makes them different though. Also, we see that the enemies don't do anything until the main character comes in the room. Make them do something like smoking, talking together. Don't let them just stand there with their weapons, give them "life".

ACTION: The enemies can't aim. They just can't. And when an enemy isn't being attacked, he just waits to be killed by walking back and forth. In this flash it's not the main character being good, but it's the enemy being dumb.

ROBOT: The problem with this was so big that i had to make a point about it. The giant robot can't do anything besides following the main character, throwing him into another room, repeat. This robot can't even aim its lasers. Can't tell if at the end the robot actually killed the protagonist, but im pretty sure he missed too. Like always.

LAG: I don't know why, but after the robot starts shooting exploding lasers, the framerate gets awful. Then it gets good again after a while.

OVERALL RATING: 7/10. Good, but absolutely nothing special over the other madness movies.

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Jun 22, 2011
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