Exist: Prologue

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Exist is an animated comic about the tensions and conflicts between corporation and individuals onboard a space colonisation ship. The ship is in search of a new planet for civilisation after global warming begins to ravage the Earth.

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An animated series with a catchy storyline! If you're able to continue all the implied story and character elements of this prologue, this will be great stuff!

Since this project seems to be very extensive I sure wish you good luck with that, guess this means be a lot of work for you.

For the sake of the completeness of this review, your artwork is extraordinary, strange and beautiful, the only real bad thing is the missing voice acting, but you already agreed to that in the other reviews.
Nonetheless, a good start for the series!

Very good

The artwork is wonderful and the animation ran smoothly. The only thing that would make it even better is getting voicing for each character. It would be a little easier to hear dialog while reading the subtitles. And it would give it more flare of excitement along the comic.

Very good

The only thing I would recommend for next time (if you continue, of course) is that you get some people to read what the people are saying. But other than that I enjoyed it a lot.

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I couldn't keep up with the story line. The written text did not stay on the panel long enough for me to read it's entirety. I did however like what I could catch and it is very intriguing. i would love to see where the story goes. :)


I like wierd.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2011
6:31 AM EDT