Star Forge

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Master Builder 5 Points

Build 10 towers in a single game

Capital Offense 10 Points

Destroy 15 Capital ships in a single game

Normal Victory 10 Points

Complete game on Normal Mode or higher

Hard Victory 25 Points

Complete game on Hard Mode or higher

Insane Victory 50 Points

Complete game on Insane Mode or higher

Survival of the Fittest 50 Points

Get a score of 6,000,000 in Survival Mode.

Author Comments

A few weeks ago I was eating cereal for breakfast when out of nowhere I was blind sided with an idea for a game. I knew it had to be simple, it had to have a lot of action, a base you can build, and explosions- LOTS of explosions. I knew what I had to do, so I dropped what I was doing, kissed my wife and 8 month old son good-bye, and set off to make just that. This is that game. This is Star Forge.

This is one of my favorite games we've made at Hero (that's actually saying a lot), and I hope you enjoy it too! Once you beat the standard game we also threw in some survival modes to give you room for bragging to friends.

May the Forge be with you.


Defend the Forge! Use the Forge button and your mouse to cycle through components, place towers, upgrade them, and hold off the enemy. Pause and other settings can be changed while in the game in the bottom right corner. Pause the game to view menu options.

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Too hard, requires pause-scumming to proceed.

Graphics, sound, music, presentation overall: Excellent!

However there are too much flaws that bring down the game score considerably:
1- Abscence of checkpoints: It's very frustrating to die at the last wave (which is much longer and filled with capital-class ships btw) and having to restart.
2- Heavy clicking/managing on a fast pace: Strategy games are better off giving player TIME in order to actually strategize. Since this is a defacto "tower defense" game, then I can state clearly that the "breaks" the player get between waves is not enough.
3- The towers AI is bogus. They often keep firing on soon to die ships, allowing others to take cheap shots at them. Adding insult to injury: The shots go on forever (so their range are a LIE!) and won't damage any other enemy (in range of the tower or not).

I don't see how can this game be healthy to kids. I don't think most of them will ever reach the last wave.

Listen to me right now HeroInteractive. I've played basically every single one of your games. THEY ARE ALL PHENOMENAL. Thank you very much for adding these fun games. I didn't even need to play some to write a review, I know the outcome. You darn hero you.

awesome game but it really need checkpionts also a campaign or history mode will se so awesome

One of the Best 'Free-Form' TowerDefenses I've ever plated. I can see A full game with a story or campaign.

great game !!! :D

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2011
3:20 PM EDT
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