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Hidden Item 1 50 Points

Find the hidden item in Felix's Hideout

Hidden Item 2 50 Points

Find the hidden item in The Infected Waterway

Hidden Item 3 50 Points

Find the hidden item in Mama's Nest

Author Comments

*Thanks to everyone who helped give Skinny a Daily First Place! :D
**Thank you Tom and the rest of the NG staff for the Front Page!

Once Coma was completed, I figured I would make another game just for kicks. It turned out this game took up more of my time than two semesters of college. Anyways, I hope everyone here at NG has fun playing :)


Also, what's always fun is discussing your thoughts on the meaning of the game. I sure know what it means, but what about you?

UPDATES/BUGS (upon update approval from NG staff):
1) Both ASWD and Arrow Keys will work.
2) No more getting stuck behind doors.
3) Easier game-play experience.
4) As for those of you experiencing sticky keys in Internet Explorer, a friendly user called bubblecue says
the simple solution is to go to the tools tab on internet explorer and click on internet options. Then you click on the security tab and uncheck enable protected mode and then click ok. turn back your protected mode when you are done playing. Hope that works!


The gameplay is glitchy and it does not suceed as a platformer, but the storyline is awesome and the artwork... is twice as awesome. It pleases my eyes every second i play it, and that makes up for all the gameplay problems.

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Way Too Buggy

While it's a great game, there are WAY too many bugs. Sometimes Skinny will just start jumping up and down repeatedly for no reason and with no way too stop him. Sometimes the dialogue will zip by so fast it's impossible to read. Sometimes Skinny will get stuck in a tight place and it will be impossible to free him. I was a little disappointed because I adored Coma which played smoothly all the way through. However, aside from these glitches, the game is sensational.


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Great game, but...

I love the plot and the gameplay, it still has all the things I liked from Coma but it has its own special flair. My only issue is the 4th level with the trees, for some reason the walls and things are not visible; I end up getting lost or stuck and having to start over from the previous save point.

I'm sure that level has missing walls because it's meant to be ethereal and open, or maybe my computer just loaded it wrong, but it is rather frustrating.

i found a glich

i gave the batters to the last person and now iam stuck but it is a good game

Abrubt Ending - Programming Error?

Ever since the creation of "Coma", you have always been one of my favorite flash artists, and I had high expectations for this game. My expectations were met as soon as I started playing; the game was immersive and compelling from the first screen.
There was, however, one problem with the game. As soon as I gave the fourth guy his batteries, the game just froze. Was this intentional, or just a programming error? If it was an error, please fix it, because I really want to finish the game.

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2011
11:10 AM EDT
Adventure - Other