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Hidden Item 1 50 Points

Find the hidden item in Felix's Hideout

Hidden Item 2 50 Points

Find the hidden item in The Infected Waterway

Hidden Item 3 50 Points

Find the hidden item in Mama's Nest

Author Comments

*Thanks to everyone who helped give Skinny a Daily First Place! :D
**Thank you Tom and the rest of the NG staff for the Front Page!

Once Coma was completed, I figured I would make another game just for kicks. It turned out this game took up more of my time than two semesters of college. Anyways, I hope everyone here at NG has fun playing :)


Also, what's always fun is discussing your thoughts on the meaning of the game. I sure know what it means, but what about you?

UPDATES/BUGS (upon update approval from NG staff):
1) Both ASWD and Arrow Keys will work.
2) No more getting stuck behind doors.
3) Easier game-play experience.
4) As for those of you experiencing sticky keys in Internet Explorer, a friendly user called bubblecue says
the simple solution is to go to the tools tab on internet explorer and click on internet options. Then you click on the security tab and uncheck enable protected mode and then click ok. turn back your protected mode when you are done playing. Hope that works!


Uhh, one small issue

The man under the small L shaped drop facing left was the third one I visited when I had enough batteries, and when I pressed space, I was unable to do anything. Other than that the game is fantastic and beautiful. I swear you should have worked on that one game similar to coma on xbox live (I can;'t remember because I'm drink and on oxycodon.) Keep up the good work, my friend. =]
(And the only reason I gave it a 9 was because of the issue I had, if not for that it would be a 10 hands down.)

looks good

looks to be a good game, but my keyboard is broken, so i did'nt get any further than the marbles. I also think it is very good of you to thank the people below for good ratings, that is the first time i have seen an author do it.

Completely lived up to my expectations.

When I clicked on it from the newgrounds front page, and saw the 'award winning music' I decided to go get my headphones. Now I'm glad I did.

From the awesome music, to the murky animation, the flowing yet jerking gameplay, and the minimalist, yet still touching, story ,this meshes together fantastically. Easily for it's length one of the best games I've played this year.

As to the meaning, there's of course the obvious, in game universe. Mama sees herself as a care-taker for humanity, perhaps she was once a human (and had a son named petey) or perhaps that's simply a woman she was designed by, she lost her son so she built a system to make people into robots, so that they could always be repaired and never die. Whether they like it or not. She creates a story about radiation to scare them straight into her loving arms. Of course there was some resistance, the last of which being children (of course being the smallest and most energetic) the little girl only knowing what her father had told her, and Felix taking his new role as the oldest male in stride and being the responsible one decides to take Mama down. The player is the only fully operational unit in the area (perhaps anywhere but let's not get ahead of ourselves) so was activated by Mama to take care of the problem, as she didn't have enough moving parts. Felix, seeing the simplicity of the player's character, decides to try to use the player in his plans. What happens that is an annoying mystery because you (the author) either thought it would be best left that way, are lazy, or perhaps a massive troll ;p

Symbolically it could represent a culture being subsumed by both diverting technology and an ever-growing desire for safety, with young children being the only ones who still play outside and even that being attacked. The player is a robot, fully assimilated. We happen to be on a gaming site, where the player is inside hooked up to the system in his chair (no need for batteries we have outlets) when outside is much more interesting.

Personally, I like to blend it myself, I just got back from a 3-day swimming/camping/fishing trip in the boonies to celebrate the solstice with some friends, but the net serves as a useful tool when I need to work study and play late at night ;p Then again maybe I misread your message.

Nevertheless, fucking great game.

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AtmosGames responds:


You are a genius.

Thank you so much for such a great summary,

Great game!

Hmm I think the meaning of the game is to see the blurring line between life and technology. Many of the people who were hooked up to the machine were happy, in fact they were always happy when with the machine. But few didn't want it as they knew the consequences of staying. That you were slowing becoming a "slave" and a robot. But you were a "slave" as well and you seem to have freewill. Although that may not be the same case with them. Kinda reminds me of the Matrix as well although your not being made into batteries, your being made into the machine. Is it worth being made into a machine for a "fake" but permanent happiness? Is it worth being human?(then what does it mean to be human? I liked your hidden items but not sure what all of them were for sure. I believe they were all part of your past. Little things you liked to do such as fish and in the end it shows your grave. I knew you had to be human when your brother shows up. I guess you were the just first "Skinny." I'm not really giving answers to the philosophical questions as that is up to the individuals reading this. I just wanted to show SOME of the questions (there are more) that come up with playing this piece of art. I hope you make many more as I've always enjoyed your games. I hope my English is okay. (sorry I'm still learning)

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AtmosGames responds:

Wow. Spot on.

Breath taking

The art in this was quite amazing! I think that the light coming through the cut-throughs in the backround and other small details is what made this truly an artistic game. Once again you have mixed the eerie with the truly beautiful to create a sublime and macabre atmosphere. I to appreciate cliff-endings at times, but this did seem like too sudden of a cut-off. I think that even a quick flash to the mama's lair could have given this game a bit more closure. However, I have no other complaint. I really hope to see more games from you as they are always wonderful.

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AtmosGames responds:

Thanks for the 10!

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2011
11:10 AM EDT
Adventure - Other