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Let's walk in my direction 5 Points

Finish cam 4

Like a watermelon 5 Points

Finish cam 8

Elevator moonwalking 10 Points

Finish cam 20

Frustrating camera angles - The game 10 Points

Finish cam 12

Lara croft style 10 Points

Finish cam 19

Hello, nice to meet you 25 Points

Finish the game

A real intruder 50 Points

Collect all 15 orbs in one playthrough

Gimlet eyes 50 Points

Finish the game in "Ghost Mode" (unlocked after first completing the game)

Author Comments

A mysterious character is caught in a hostile environment where security cameras watch her every step.
Use arrowkeys to move. It's dangerous, don't die too much.

Arrowkeys (wasd) - move
M - mute
ESC - go to menu

The game autosaves progress.
Finish the game to unlock a new game mode.

Made by A Small Game (www.asmallgame.com) using Flare3D (www.flare3d.com) for 3d-graphics.




go i am not going to lie i like the game but i also like to kill her she goes out with a bang also i like the music.

Cool game.

Very creepy game. Reminds me of Overblood on PS1.

Balloons filled with raspberry syrup

This woman must be allergic to copper. She dies just from brushing up against the blunt end of those spikes.

Also, this game needs a health warning. That one tunnel has the power to give seizures a non-epileptics.

Good 3D game, but beware the controls

The fact that the game was in PlayStation/N64-era 3D was enough to hook me into playing, but the creepy atmosphere really drove the experience, even without a story behind it. All that aside, this game suffers from two fatal flaws - bad camera angles and sketchy controls.

The security cameras through which you view the character usually don't get in the way, but they tend to ruin depth perception to the point that insta-kill traps and narrow pathways become a little annoying.

I would forgive that, though, if the controls were better. Not only do they tend to stick, they aren't precise enough to manuver narrow paths and such without accidentally causing me to walk off the edge. Tapping the keys is really the only option.

This and minor glitches keep Intruded from being really great, but this is still a good start. This was enjoyable to play, but a sequel would be even better.

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yo out of 1ups

silent hill is a scary ass game 0_0 im going to hide behind a cover for the rest of the day now, annnnnyyywwwaaaayyy i didnt understand exactly wat u do in this game, i understand u avoid obstacles,but i feel like its missing something

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Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
3:37 PM EDT
Adventure - Other