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Let's walk in my direction 5 Points

Finish cam 4

Like a watermelon 5 Points

Finish cam 8

Elevator moonwalking 10 Points

Finish cam 20

Frustrating camera angles - The game 10 Points

Finish cam 12

Lara croft style 10 Points

Finish cam 19

Hello, nice to meet you 25 Points

Finish the game

A real intruder 50 Points

Collect all 15 orbs in one playthrough

Gimlet eyes 50 Points

Finish the game in "Ghost Mode" (unlocked after first completing the game)

Author Comments

A mysterious character is caught in a hostile environment where security cameras watch her every step.
Use arrowkeys to move. It's dangerous, don't die too much.

Arrowkeys (wasd) - move
M - mute
ESC - go to menu

The game autosaves progress.
Finish the game to unlock a new game mode.

Made by A Small Game (www.asmallgame.com) using Flare3D (www.flare3d.com) for 3d-graphics.


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This is a nice game, all about perspective and camera angles. I find it amusing, and incredibly well done. All effects (graphic and sound) are top notch, providing a great atmosphere. I don't think there is room for improvement. The game is solid in every way - I played this when hit FP few years ago but never got all orbs or finished Ghost mode.

Speaking of: Ghost mode isn't that hard as long as the player knows how to reach the exit. On this mode, don't bother getring obs, just finish the levels as fast as you can and the ghost won't be able to get to you - the thief will always be running instead of walking, so it will take less time to complete than the normal game (around 20 minutes, depends on number of deaths).

Gameplay wise it is difficult to some extent. You can get stuck on a couple of levels due to narrow platforms and inconvenient camera placement like Cam 12 but you can get over it if you put yourself to it.
Suprisingly enough the game was easier to beat in Ghost Mode with that thing flying right behind you mainly because throughout the whole time you must run non-stop (where that is possible) and I got really anxious running away from that eye-light monster. That anxiousness also helped go through the same narrow platforms with ease. End result was me getting twice as less deaths in Ghost Mode rather than Normal.

The Horror aspect of this game is not the best but it certainly adds a grim layer when you get immersed into it. Especially Ghost Mode. "A Mysterious Character" is creepy as well, no backstory whatsoever, bizarre interior and dangers contribute to the strangeness of the whole situation.

From what I can gather, the main lady we're in control of eventually reaches the only real door, enters the almost empty room and finds a person sitting at a computer, watching her every move via the cameras and real-time (in that room). Then you press X to "finish it" but who gets "finished" exactly? We can assume that it's the woman protagonist who says "Hello, Nice to meet you" since we're not given the cameraman's identity which kind of gives the idea that the person trapped (Lady Protagonis) is not the one who kills as well as that she willingly put herself through this endeavor to meet the person behind that little dangerous adventure. At the same time, I might be overthinking this but the confusion about the end is caused by the fact that you're controlling the lady this whole time so when you press X, you're "finishing" it as herself. Of course, there's also the possibility that it was the Mastermind who said "Nice to meet you" and the Lady killed her (since the voice is female) or backwards.

I would like to explore further on that matter and get more info if possible (although 6 years don't really guarantee that I'll get the satisfaction of uncovering the mystery) but I've wasted too much time writing this review. Overall, a good mysterious game, not too long but not too easy.

Aside from the inescapable horror that is tank controls, this game is unbelievable! The graphics are gorgeous, considering that it is a 3d flash game, the music is good (but the loop seems a bit off) and the atmosphere is just perfect! Five stars only because I can't give more!

never get trough the cam12 room! ver frustrating, but excellent game :)

I believe this game deserves an award. IT is very good and definitely unique compared to the many games I have played. I will agree with the others when I say that the camera angles make gameplay harder and more frustrating, but I believe that this was intended for gameplay, which I enjoyed. However, some of the angles made me believe I was closer to the edge than I was on small platforms, especially on the level with a spike being shot out of a hole in the wall and it leaving through a hole in the wall. It made getting the orb very difficult. Also, if you make another game like this, please make the other moving objects have shadows like the woman did. It might make gameplay easier. Still, a very good game.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
3:37 PM EDT