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***WARNING*** Very adictive!! You will spend a million hours playing!

When THAT vending machine fooled Mike Shadow it was the begining of the Apocalypse! Hit the vending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in the world! Collect money, upgrade your skills, use weapons, magic, cheerleaders and much more.


- Over 120 upgrades!
- Upgrade your base stats "Patience", "Stress", "Critical Chance" and "Money Chance" with 10 levels for each.
- Normal attacks include weapons, magic, natural disasters and much more!
- Bonuses to increase your strength and other stats!
- Special attacks with **too much** devastating power!
- Premium features only for main sponsor offer the most incredible and powerfull skills.
- Complete scores & stats system
- 15 achievements
- Highscores


Super upgrade

It's over 120 upgrade O_o cool

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It is lacking.

From all the positive reviews, I can tell that there is a game here, -eventually-. But in the beginning, after having beaten on the same vending machine for about ten times with the same four or five moves, and gaining a total of ... 20$ for all my work, I can say that I can't find where the game is.

The whole point to games like this is the upgrade. Earning the upgrade, using the upgrade, earning more money with the upgrade. If the game absolutely refuses to give me more than a dollar or two per round, and the cheapest thing to upgrade costs a goddamned hundred dollars, maybe you need to rethink the rate at which it gives you some reward.


It's a great game that had me hooked for hours. The money rate IS a bit slow and it really pissed me off that i couldn't get the premiums, you kind of need them to make the end go by at a descent rate. It would be really awesome if you threw in some diff. costumes or something to that effect. Either way it's still great

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decent game

this game offers exactly what i want in a game when i come on newgrounds, its simple addictive and gives me something to do for an hour or two but the reason i dont rate ten on this game is becuase of the repitition it gets old very quick but it serves its purpose

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good advice

i belive you man yesterday i played that game for hours

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4.45 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
2:22 PM EDT
Action - Other