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Dig, blast & shoot your way through 12 levels of cave adventure! Your fellow miners have accidently awakened an ancient creature and its minions by blasting its vault open! Take care of this problem and get rich by collecting all the hidden gold along the way. Game has 12 levels including 2 bosses, various enemies and weapons!

NOTE! Bring up ingame menu with M or ESC if you are stuck!


Has potential, but lacks anti-frustration

As some before me already said: It would be a great game, but the fact, that you already have to retry the level on failing at what should be the most basic things, makes it difficult to love. Just being a bit clumsy with the dynamites (e.g. accidentally pressing space and the other ones around it blow up), and having neither a saving point nor re-appearing dynamites, forces you to press escape and choose "Level select". At least a retry button would be convenient. And maybe picking up the dynamite solely with space is more intuitive. Why the down-key anyway? It's just irritating (and to me the reason I accidentaly dropped the dynamite).
Another point is that the spikes seem pretty unobstrusive. They have the same size as the stones, which are just decoration. Even the warning didn't help. Were the spikes that thing on the ceiling or those little bushes at the floor? Had to try it out, ouch.
I didn't reach much farther, since the dynamites at that point then just weren't enough to get through, and I couldn't even go back (a long way, btw.) to get the remaining ones.

All in all, this would be a great entertainment, but the fact, that I had to restart the *whole* level over and over again, is just frustrating. Maybe you should let someone beta-test it beforehand. And better don't ask your parents.

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Fun and good.

My only problem is the lack of direction in how to use tnt, As I found myself using it to kill my enemies I ended up not having enough to get out of the area. Fix that by adding more tnt and this will be a even greater game.

Good Stuff

Great concept and I am always a sucker for that old style of graphics.

The only thing I could see that could do with some improvement is the level and puzzle design:

This game requires a quantity of prior planning to solve the puzzles and at times it seemed impossible to complete elements of the puzzles without receiving damage.

If you would like more clarification, i'd be happy to elaborate.

Really enjoyed the game, reminded me of Super Mario Bros 2 :3


You can get stuck in the tutorial level with a little clumsiness and the TNT; if you explode one too many or do it in the wrong places. I would suggests you fix that up. Good work!

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
12:23 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop