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Mad Migration

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Mix of Tower Defense, Shooter and Action genres.
Animals are infected by an unknown virus. They are escaping from the forest. The goal of the game is to stop the animals from breaking a fence. The game has 20 levels. Animals are becoming stronger with each level.

Player defends himself from animals by shooting them from the towers Player can increase number of his towers during the game from 1 to 5. He can also upgrade towers and the barrier. Each round is limited by the time. It's required to withstand the time and to not let animals to break the defence.

Hold LMB for autoshooting!


13 types of animals
5 types of towers
5 types of projectiles
5 types of barriers
control from 1 to 5 towers at the same time
huge amount of pleasure
Russian and Chinese versions of the game are available!

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Was fun for a bit, got all the upgrades at level 13 so there was really no point of getting more money. The upgrades were disappointing, it would have been nice if you could do stuff like shoot faster, have exploding projectiles, or multiple shots from a tower.
Honestly, I just got bored and didn't want to play the last five levels.
And just a hint, ads after every level is NEVER a good idea...

you need more upgrades

its kinda fun but id like to see like miniguns or lasers or maybe an electrified fence could be more fun .

Alright Game

It got repetitive after a while and the towers weapons are not to strong at the end even with everything maxed out you just don't shoot quick enough. Good game to burn up some time with. Oh and to the guy that said snakes don't have red eyes....your a moron. The deception states that the animals are infected. Not to mention it is a game thus it does not have to make since. Judge it as a game not real life.....

the damn adds

those adds are annoing the fence braking is cheap u know all snakes don't
have red eyes man this game pisses me off!!!1


Never thought I'd shoot penguins with arrows in a desert.
Try making the animals a bit bigger, it's hard to hit them.

Good job though, you deserve a penguin-baked cake

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
8:24 AM EDT