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February 13, 2019
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Attempt to rescue Rapunzel amidst flying boulders and arrows, while collecting flowers to bring to your soon-to-be wife!

She is a beautiful, remarkable young lady...right?

This was made for the Game Jam 5 in less than 48 hours.

Here is a review of the game by the great german guys at fettspielen! Check it out:
http://www.fettspielen.de /blog/online-game-test-ru punzel/


This is the hardest game ever for me! I can't get to the top any more!

Are you laughing at me?

that "girl" is in reality a blonde beard man, ugh >_<


It's manageable hard and fun.

Any hints on the secret medal?


cool concept, but this is literally the most challenging and addicting game ive played yet. but make diffirent difficulties ;D

Simple but challenging

I'd rather kill him next time he tries to get to rUPunzel.


Actually, to win the game, you gotta let yourself die. rUPunzel was a whore, was she? I only wanted to earn the bad medals and be done with it XD

"funny ending"

i hope those two have a happy realashionship :D *wink*

Fun game

It was a nice simple fun game to play :)

Nice twist!

A remarkable game with a simple premise - well done! A nice twist to the classic fairy tale, too.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you for noticing the simplicity! :) We wanted to get an airy feel of the gameplay, so that it was a laid back and enjoyable experience!
Thank you for playing the game!

this is,

a twist dephinitly.....

Quick Fun Game

For a game made in less than 48 hours, for a game alone, it's definitely fun. Only played a few of the Game Jam 5 games, but I must say most of them weren't too good and had comments full of ratings below 5. So coming to this page, enjoying the game for a few run throughs and seeing people rate it well, I'd say good job. =]


was okay not very fufilling but good ending

With a prize like that

I dont think i win...


Great job! Especially for being done in 48 hours! (Did you guys get any sleep?)

The artwork is great, and the music is excellent!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

<deleted> responds:

Surprisingly we managed to get sleep, but also getting a good sleep is way more productive than working without sleeping.
Thanks for playing!

Rapunzel... Rap- WTF!?

Pretty easy game to beat. Not a bad game to be made under 48 hours. Good for killtime. A "rewarding" ending, I "agree".

Vote 2


Oh the ending is hilarious great job :))


nice game i still wonder why rUPunzel was throwing rocks and shooting arrows :)


*sip* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *sip* cough cough choke choke choke *dead*


This is exceedingly difficult.


For a second there I was wondering to myself "How the in the hell did this piece of garbage make front page?" and then I was like "Ending. Whoa. Nice."

not bad for 72 hours

it always amazes me what you guys can do with a time limit and a specfic challange, reasonalbly well done

Could have been better

For example, some parts of the tower could have their own theme, like a grassy part, an ice part, you get the idea.
It was kinda boring and easy at the same time, the ending was pretty funny.

I don't know why but every game that is in a "jam" could have been done much better.
Don't make it in a rush.

2/5 6/10

<deleted> responds:

Ha..."I don't know why but every game that is in a "jam" could have been done much better.
Don't make it in a rush."...what do you think the Game Jam IS?!


easy and short. not a time killer and difficulty doesn't make you go rage guy.


surprise ending

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the nice review! This game was meant as a breezy time chiller instead of a furious shitstorm.

lolz beard?

i saw the cyanide and happiness version of this, i only got 20 stars :(


The game was alright, although it was a little easy because I won without losing a life


that was one anticlimax!
ending to me does not seem to have to do much with rapunzel

<deleted> responds:

Try having the whole game having everything to do with Rapunzel?


Addicting as hell - but I kinda wish there's a mute button and why is it raining boulders, arrows and roses again?


this game is good but you get tierd of the same surroundings


... WHY?!

ok music made me wanna cry lol good job

ummmmm i think after ten leaves maby another life i got to 5000 and gave up................ good job though it eas a sort of ok game music made me wanna die>>>><<<<??????

good, complete, game

I find it interesting that the two game jam 5 games I have seen whose makers claimed the limit to be 2 days had the most complete games. This game, like perhaps one or two others, actually feels like a complete game. I think, though, it still could've been more complex. There was no progression, nothing that made it seem like I was getting closer to the end. It could've been as subtle as a shift to nighttime, or holes in the tower from cannonfire. but overall a great game.


Pretty basic game, nothing too original or new. Had good music and was pretty to look at. The swinging was a pretty realistic addition to it. Fun overall.

Can I just ask one question, why are we still climbing her hair if she is throwing down boulders and arrows at us?

<deleted> responds:

She's not. It was a very tough game design choice, make the game ultra realistic and have the player just simply climb up which wouldn't be too fun, would it? Or we added in boulders and arrows to actually have an incentive to play the game.
So everyone who needs 3 scientifical studies for us to justify every pixel in our game can go screw themselves.

good game

nice idea and not bad for such a sort time period.

good game

i like that there is an end a lot of games like this have no end u just play for a score, not to hard, it is what it is, nothing wrong with it

Don't get me wrong...

I'm not saying you guys did a bad job at all, as it was fairly well done for 48 hours. But wasn't there a game just like this not too long ago, where instead of riding the hair, you climbed up vines, and had a troll chasing you from the bottom?

Cool for 48 hrs.

Only criticism is that the song choice during the gameplay could've been a bit more intense or something. I didn't really feel like the "easy listening" track went with the scene of boulders and arrows cascading down on his head, trying to KILL him lol...


Nice little game ^^

there is nothing special to say it's fun but a little short ^^


I also like to shoot unlimited onions towards the sky while flying dangerously close to buildings.

Well done

For a game built in 48 hours awesome. Still it was a little easy. I especially liked the rope-like physics. Nice work.

im a question

how unlock award HI-SCORE!



<deleted> responds:

grab 25 flowers and complete the game.


Hard game, , at least for me.

SPOILER!!! (dont read if u dont wana know ending

Beat game in 5 mins.

Its actually a bald guy with a loooooooong blond mustache and a whip and he looks like he is ready to have a good time >:P.

Did i say he wears pink? CAUSE HE WEARS PINK!! :D


awesome for 3 games and funny end :p

preety good

in the story i dont remember her throwing stuff at him lol? she must ot like him :P

Good Game but Rose Problem

This is a fun game ,and has nice graphics and sounds. Controls were smooth and animation on the rope was excellent.

However, there is a problem with the roses. I played the game five times in a row and received every rose. The amount was never higher than 24. The lowest was 12. Please increase the roses or lower the medal amount required.

Amazing game made in less than 48 hours.


i've noticed a really annoying glitch where if you don't click somewhere on the game once it' starts you can't move. a bit annoying but otherwise great game

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for playing, and we have fixed the glitch you mentioned :)

nice minigame

great art and the music perfically compliments its breezy look and style.

Adding drag to the hair gives this avoidance game its own unique feel.
kinda wish there was more animation to the player as he swung back an forth.

A lot of fun

It's amazing how everyone can create such good games in such a short time. I guess it helps that it's easy for me to get the medals at least. I knew there was going to be something different at the end because of what the medal said. I am glad you did not copy the joke made by "Cyanide & Happiness" regarding Rapunzel. I was expecting maybe a reference to the movie "Tangled". This is still well done with a lot of heart put into it.

The animation (especially the hero) seems to just glitter so well. I also appreciated the more simplistic stones and arrows. I can really tell that different people worked together to make one game. You really have to just dodge everything for as long as you can and don't look at the distance you have gone. Ah yeah, literature.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


It gets boring and one you get hurt from a rock it freezes,the ending was funny!


It was quite fun to play! Love the choice of music, really fitting to the game play. Smooth controls without jerks and pauses which made things go perfectly. The surprise ending was really neat, and truthfully I sorta expected that to happen but really didn't believe it.

The art was really impressive. I understand it looks cartoon-y, but it feels fitting while playing the game. The graphics don't need to be uber in order to enjoy the game, so yes it turned out really cool that way. Also factoring in the swinging effect while moving side to side to avoid the objects, realistic.

Downside though, at first it seemed like a repetitive action at first where there will be no ending to the top. Maybe shorten that up where it don't seem too long. Would really love how to see the roses being tied further into the game, but also enjoy how that would be the score keeper as you collect them.

Possibly tie in some other factors that the player would be able to make the climb more interesting. I understand that adding upgrades of anything was not your intentions, but maybe add a few things that would help make the game seem a bit more different instead of the same thing over and over.

But hey, I really enjoyed this game and I say thank you for sharing this with the public. Would love to see more of your creations sometime in the future, and keep up the good work.

<deleted> responds:

Well...The review of the day goes to you!
Although my response will be short, I read everything you had to say, and will be sure to keep everything in mind! We're planning to keep working on it, polish it even more, and then release it again!
Awesome review dude, thanks for playing the game!


i LOL'ed so hard at the ending.... not gonna spoil it but EVERYONE should finish this at least once!!


One of the most fun-to-play games in the game jam. I wish the roses did something and the art could have been a tad prettier but overall I really liked the gameplay and found it very fun!

made me smile, aldo..

the first time i got all the way up, my first reaction was: ah hell no!
But.. i can't stop playing, hoping to meet the real one once i keep all three the hearts.

btw what do the roses add to the game? i got 20 of them every time but it doesn't seem to do anything.. or does it?

anyway great game.

<deleted> responds:

I am glad you like it so much! :)
The flowers represent your score, we didn't have time to include an actual gameplay element that depends on them, though we did have plans to do so.
Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry, your princess is in another castle!

had to be said.
Honestly I didn't know you could actually win this game. like it would just go on forever until i died. anyways a pretty good game.... could look prettier and have more stuff though, It got kinda boring starting at half way up.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the play and the feedback!

great game!

It is very creative game, original idea and everything.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Found a bug

First time I played, pressing the left arrow key automatically ended the game. When I reloaded, it had fixed itself.

<deleted> responds:

Did it end the game as in you saw the You Win screen, or You Lose?

Thanks for the play and bug report!


A fun and creative game.

<deleted> responds:



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3.85 / 5.00