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Classic Poker

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Classic poker game. Play against 3 opponents.

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This looks like a well made game, but besides flaws already pointed out by another commenter, it doesn't even have poker hands down right. When two players each have two pairs, the player with the single highest pair wins, not the highest overall score. This game mistakenly had the computer beating my AA/99 with KK/QQ.

For future reference, this also applys to full house. If two players have a full house, the player with the single highest set (3 of a kind) wins; 444/22 beats 333/KK

Not bad, but flawed

It's funny for a while, good game for people who justed started to play Poker, but when you play for a while you found some bugs:

For example: Player 1 goes all-in with his last few bucks, lets say 15 money.
2 other players with more money continue to raise each other, both of 'em throw 200 moneyfrom their stack in the pot.
Player 1 wins his all-in.
Normally, he would win the main pot (30 from the others + his own 15), the rest of the money is in the side-pot of the other 2 players.
'Cause you can't win more money then you can bet!
In this game, Player 1 gets ALL the money, no matter how low his stack was before.

Also, the Ante is always 40. But every player only puts 10 money from his stack down, so in the heads-up there are always 20 bucks too much in the ante, technically coming from nowhere into the game!
That's why the entire chip-stack grows about 20 money for every hand played!

This is kinda sad, I actually like this game. If the glitches would be corrected, I would give a much higher score. Maybe reconsider a re-submission?

Not bad at all

I'm not a poker player to begin with but I didn't mind playing this at all. The actions were smooth and it ran fast so your not sitting there waiting. The sound that you chose while you played through was nice, only it felt like something that's always used. The only thing that it really needs is some sort of music. A sound track that would quietly play in the background. Also give the option to mute that music like you did with the sounds cause there are times where yes the music is annoying while your playing the game. But that option there is always nice.

Overall this is a decent game that I'm glad to see here on NG. Thanks for sharing this with the public, and would love to see more of your creations in the future.


i didn't see it but i'm in a bad mood

Its functional.

i didn't find it particularly enjoyable or self explanatory. decent but nothing very special.

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
4:43 AM EDT