Robinson Crusoe: The Game

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The Cannibals are coming in 10 days!

In that time you must build your economy to keep Robinson healthy, sane and happy, but most of all, prepare a fortress so when the cannibals come, you are defended.

This game was made in 3 days from scratch by "Team Happy Shack" for the July Newgrounds Game Jam.



Any game this unplayable would normally get a half star. However.. This actually has alot of promise if it were toned way way way wayway way way waaaaaaaaay waywayway wayy way waywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywayway.. way. way. waaay, WAAAY down. The game asis, is basically trolling, in terms of how brutal it is. Seriously tone it way down. Two stars.

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I LOVE this game I kept dying and I found myself always coming back to try and defeat it. Very well done. Challenging but addictive lol. The graphics are nice too I'm glad I had the chance to change the graphics to a lower level because my laptop is semi slow. Well done! (BTW it's so unbelievable you did this in 3 days, that's just amazing!) The music is very cute too, it's fitting to the game and the voice acting you did makes him sound like hes whining at you and I find it hilarious. "I'm sooo tiredddd."

I like the comedy and artwork, and it's cool that it's made in 3 days. But for me the stats drops WAY to quickly for me for it to be fun.

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maybe a pause button?

Feels a lot like Don't Starve. It's a very quick game, and that's not a compliment, but once you notice patterns you start to fall into a groove. In fact, it's possible to play the game once and get every medal in that one play through. You gotta build in the right place to lower travel time and plan ahead. The cave is useless and the stream shouldn't be used beyond day 2-3. Done right, the fort can be up by day 5, leaving you 5 medal gathering days. And if you're looking for Wilson, here's a tip: It's somewhere in the last 5 days. He's easy enough to find on the beach on the correct day.

Anyway, I played through a handful of times to get all the medals. It's good but not exactly fun. You feel accomplished once you've got all the buildings but Crusoe is such a whiny baby that he saps the fun out of things (and, Jesus H, does he require a ton of attention!). Still, the Wilson joke was a chuckle and it had some pretty solid mechanics. Though never ask me to use the Happy Shack again.... It gets disturbing after the first use. I stuck to praying (that I never had to use it again).

4/5. Whiny PC and speedy gameplay damages a perfectly good survival game. Props to the dog though, who never ate, pooped or whined the entire time! Good boy!

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4.04 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
2:25 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)