Robinson Crusoe: The Game

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Happy Shack 5 Points

Reach full happiness in the happy shack without making any 'slip-ups'

Tool Finder 5 Points

Find all 8 useable tools in the game

Survivor 10 Points

Survive the cannibal attack

Always Energetic 25 Points

Survive 10 days without dropping below 25% Energy

Fed Well 25 Points

Survive 10 days without dropping below 25% Hunger

Forever Satisfied 25 Points

Survive 10 days without dropping below 25% morale

Never Thirsty 25 Points

Survive 10 days without dropping below 25% Thirst

Built All 50 Points

Construct all 11 buildings within 10 days

Wilsooonnnn! 50 Points

Find wilson on the day that he washes on to shore!

Author Comments

The Cannibals are coming in 10 days!

In that time you must build your economy to keep Robinson healthy, sane and happy, but most of all, prepare a fortress so when the cannibals come, you are defended.

This game was made in 3 days from scratch by "Team Happy Shack" for the July Newgrounds Game Jam.



Well done game, though fails at a couple of things

This game could be fantastic, but unfortunatly there are a few things that get in the way.

First, it's too short. Having to play only ten "days" is a way too short time, especially since if you want to play the game again, you do the exact same things over and over, some variety would be nice.

Second, there is no tutorial, and for a game like this, it's pretty bad. I died twice before I could beat the game because I didn't know what the f*ck to do.

Third, You should add more levels, and a sandbox, it's bet's repetetive if you play the only mission over and over.

But however, the game is greatly designed. The music, even though it loops, isn't half bad. The way you build things to make your SIMS-stats go up faster, is a good way to get you involved. The graphics are nice and appealing, and for a flash game, the voiceacting coul be A LOT worse.

I had fun during the game, and that gives it a 7/10.

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Confusing interface, difficult, and repitive.

Alright, I liked the game, but it could be a lot better. I don't know how to do anything, and you don't tell me. Add quests so that you have a guideline for people! Make it so that, like the guy below me said, you don't need to die over and over again to get a feel for the game! The interface is confusing: How do I get water, how do I pause, how do I sleep, how do I skip this cutscene I've watched five times!? HOW DO I DO ANYTHING!? Those were my first thoughts going into the game., and that's a problem. I hate to give this a 6 because it has so much potential, but you really need to iron out these flaws... but I guess, in retrospect, you only had three days to work on it, and I suppose you did a pretty good job in that time, but I'm not marking this on how much time you had, I'm marking it as a game by itself, and it really could be a lot better with not much more work.

Gotta be quick

This game was fun. The first try is the hardest. After that you get the hang of it. I played it over and over. He was a little too needy. That just made it more challenging. I do agree with the others, there should have been an ending scene. Overall I will probably play it again later on. It is fun though.

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Adjust the gameplay and it'll be perfect

You made a common mistake often found in games of the pre-90 era: you force the player to die in order to learn how to beat the game.
I believe it was Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island creator) who said that this is bad design because it breaks the suspension of disbelief in games.
I'd suggest to re-design some aspect of the game to correct this. For example, don't put the tools always in the same place, make the terrain random, lower the urgence of the physiological needs (or make them complement each other, for example: in real life you don't need water if you have food with water in it, so you can make food refill a bit of the water need; also IRL you can survive longer without those needs), make goals and subgoals (for example, in the first 2 days the goal is to build fire and find the saw, the next 2 is to build a hut, etc), also adjust some buildings to make them worthwhile (e.g. farm shouldn't need extra seeds to produce fruit, or else make consuming an apple to produce seeds too), etc.
The others aspects of the game seem perfect (except for the lack of a final cutscene) specially given the short amount of time it took to create.

PS: I've found the design tips by RG: just Google "Ron Gilbert why adventure games suck". Not all of them are applicable here (they mainly refer to adv games), but a good read nevertheless (he's a professional game designer after all).

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Nice game

I really like this game, it's challenging and funny. But the ending bothers me. No cutscene how the cannibals cry because you builded the fortress or not. Disappoints me alot. But the game itself was fantastic. I laughed when I founded Wilson. I survived the attack on the first try, but its hard to all those 4 things above 25%. Yes, I had no plan at all when I started lol.

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Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
2:25 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)