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EDIT: v1.1 submitted. v1.1 converts typing the combination into clicking, as was originally planned for. Most books and quotes are now manually exit-able, as requested by many. Also, most of the hotspots for movement are smaller and now only cover an area slightly bigger than the arrow. Plus a few other bugfixes.

Submitted for Newgrounds Game Jam 5. The game was made in three days, as with all the other Game Jam games.

The Outsider is a point-and-click adventure using only mouse controls. Click on items to interact with them or pick them up. Click on items in inventory to use them or combine them with other iventory items.

This is Team New World Order's entry into the Newgrounds Game Jam 5! The theme was literature, and we have adapted H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Outsider into a point and click adventure game. I had a blast working with Aigis and J-qb this past weekend, and we all had fun giving it our all.

There's really not a whole lot to say in terms of the game. We'll let it speak for itself. Any bug reports go to me. Near the end the game looked like it was about to fall apart, but thankfully my programming and Aigis's testing saved us from total failure. Nevertheless, there may be some remnants of the more uncommon bugs or glitches in there, but we know the game is perfectly playable.

Also, the original short story, The Outsider, is available to read online. Search for it.


A nice little thing.

The things this game does right is presenting you with an atmospheric experience, rounded by fitting artwork and sound. The gameplay is fairly standard for a Point and Click game, but ey, we haven't seen to many of those lately, or, at least, none of them were interesting enough for me to play them.
There are a few little issues here or there (Mundane running back and forth, a few inconsistencies in artwork quality), but those can't detract from the overall package.

awww how sad

truthfully i would have killed him on the spot on first glance. but if i knew the story i would have at least let him in. shows how quick to judge some people are hu? :(

ps. i loved the game :D

a good game

a good game with good story line and fitting music the only reason i give this a 9 is because of some of the wording while the story was told.

very entertainig...

I liked the story and the music creates the perfect atmosphere and I loved it
because I love Lilium (the song at the end) XD

good but...

I fell on a glich, after the giant staircase, i managed to open the first door but when I click on the arrow of the second door, it does nothing. Tell me if i'm just not supposed to go there because I really like your game.
The books gave a very interesting side to the story.
The gameplay itself (if im stuck on the glitch) isn't so hard if you compare it to others like riddle school and its the first one that I was able to adveance at a regular rythme.
The story itself has a lot of suspense, and even though I can guess it a little, I definitivly wanna know the ending.
Hope you can fix the bug soon cuz its a nice game you did(especialy since it was for the game jam and that you didnt had a lot of time).

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bcdefg123 responds:

It's not a glitch - you have to unlock the second door somehow. - Brian

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4.24 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2011
12:59 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click