Super Puzzle Platformer

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Destroy 18+ blocks at once

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Thanks for playing!
Super Puzzle Platformer is a retro/arcade/action/puzzl e mashup. The goal is to survive as long as you can to get the highest score possible. Good luck!

'Z' or "Spacebar" to shoot
Arrow keys to move
'Esc' to pause

Double-click for fullscreen!

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I'm pretty much going to say what they say;This Is Epic.....Oh,I'm RED

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I just cant stop playing XD

im usually not into games lik this but idk........must try again XD i got to #5 on the list :P

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Ha at first i was like "ph yh another rubish game" then i was like "dahm oe more try" now im addicted to it. my username is tos i think im 6th

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Very fun, quite the challenge

This is, easily, the most fun game I've came across on this site the whole week, and that says quite a bit. I usually aren't a fan of puzzle games unless they are in a very weird sort of twist, and this is one of those games. There's a solid emphasis on balancing out not only on racking up big points as fast as possible for score, but *when*; sometimes it's best to let certain combo blocks stay there so you actually have some ground to stand on x.

The subtle effect of your gun pushing you back as you shoot it as actually very much appreciated, though I had some fits @ first due to that causing a few deaths on my end. It helps keep everything in balance and gives an extra strategical edge to the game.

The design of the block patterns is just random enough to give some spice, but predictable enough so where you'll never feel the need to blame randomness for any death. In fact, everything else about the game rule-wise stays so consistent that I kind of wished the blocks dropped in more randomly.

The main character has a good jumping inertia feel to them, where you feel as though their jumps aren't gimped but aren't so great as to where he can clear even two of the spiked blocks in either direction. Speaking of which, I liked their presence and that of the drill-drop spikes; I've only gotten to MAX power once so I don't know if there are any other enemy types.

Visually the game is very smooth and crisp, even when there are a lot of blocks on the screen. This looks like carefully done sprite work, not a mishmash of random sprites and graphic styles, which some other flash games unfortunately tend to do. The music was also pleasing and not hair-pulling.

I love the premise of the game, and if I could offer any suggestions, it'd be to expand on it w/ the sequel. Maybe instead of single-screen, there could be some fusion of traditional multi-screen platforming, but w/ the blocks still falling and forming the platforms as you go along. Even changing up the objectives would be good, offering some break from the scoring focus of this one but not replacing it. Also if you ever played Twinkle Star Sprites, you already know what I'm gonna say next: a 2-player vs. mode! This is all just wishful thinking but stuff I hope you take to heart if you ever make a sequel.

Very good and fun game; probably the strongest platforming-influenced game I've seen around here in the past month or two. Keep up the good work :)

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Addicting & Fun

This game is so addicting and fun, my highest score is 1043.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2011
5:38 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle