Super Puzzle Platformer

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Super Score 5 Points

Get 5000 points

AUDACIOUS! 25 Points

Destroy 18+ blocks at once

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Thanks for playing!
Super Puzzle Platformer is a retro/arcade/action/puzzl e mashup. The goal is to survive as long as you can to get the highest score possible. Good luck!

'Z' or "Spacebar" to shoot
Arrow keys to move
'Esc' to pause

Double-click for fullscreen!

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Fantastic and addictive little game

I'm hooked on this game. It's fun, simple, and super addictive. It reminds me of Tetris Attack in that sense, and I imagine anyone who liked that would also enjoy this. I just wish there was a DS or PSP version with more modes and unlockables and things of that sort. This game would be so perfect on the go. Maybe someday. Until then, enjoy this excellent puzzle game the way it is. I do!

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this is a game anyone can play that isnt complicated, but still lets you use a bit of strategy! my highest score was 61,719 points; it's much easier to play on a slow computer, because the lag makes it so that you can land where you want and not move too mech to the left or right.

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I like it!

But 5000 points for a 5-point medal?! Maybe I just suck at this, but I had a hard enough time breaking 2000. The medal for getting 18 at once was waaaay easier.

Mix mix

An RPG with shooter elements? - Ok, that's possible
A racing game with simulation elements? - Ok, that's normal today.
A Adventure game with strategy elements? - Ok, strange, but also possible

But a puzzle game with a bit of Jump 'n' Run and a bit of action? --- it works - very well!! :)

Play Super Puzzle Platformer and you'll see!

+ Well working balance between platformer and puzzle
+ Simple control and nice short tutorial
+ 2 different dangerous blocks giving the game various tactical possibilities
+ Weapon upgrades (and downgrades)
+ More and more speed
- Just one gamemode
- Only two medals
- Unuse potential

Longtime motivation
+ Prefilled highscore
+ 2 medals
+ The speed gets fast very fast - it's not very frustrating to begin again and again
+ Different block types
- Just TWO medals - after reaching them I stopped playing the game
- for me the highscore is senseless - why didn't you include a medal where you must reach 20000 points?
- The growing difficulty stops when the second dangerous block type appears the first time (or maybe I just had the feeling)

+ The cape is sooo cool!!!
+ Perfectly done
+ Not too many effects <- it's never confusing

Section | Weight | Percent
Gameplay | 50 | 75
Longtime motivation | 30 | 60
Graphics | 20 | 100
All | 100 | 75,5 ---------- 8 stars

Normally I hate or better I don't like puzzle games with time like tetris. But a puzzle game with plattformer elementscan be very funny :)
But the most important thing for me is your experiment. It's nice to see that people want to go away from traditional gemaplays. Nicely done! Thank you!

Also thank you for reading!


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this game is really good

it was really fun to play, and i hope a new game of this style is made, or maybe a completely different style, just as long as its as good and addictive as this.

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2011
5:38 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle