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Koit TV 2

rated 3.00 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jun 19, 2011 | 12:23 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A couple of years ago I created Koit TV, a random collection of ideas and short animations that I either couldn't fledge into full size animations or couldn't be arsed to.

Well now, here comes another bunch of sorry ideas, pushed together to form this steaming pile of animdung.

Some animations were made long ago but never saw the light of day (until now) but most skits are new.

There is mild swearing and suggestive themes.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was random

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

man tits.


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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Trying too hard?

I give this a 2 for the effort. You did take the time to put all of those together and to come up with a brief clip for each, I will give you that. however this might be overkill. This seems very similar to the work of TomSka, Cyanide and Happiness, and Robot Chicken. However if I may offer suggestive feedback, I would say 'Write out a bit of a script and have your friends review it, have them also comment what they like and didn't like, and if it is a liked segment, use it, if not, modify it and try again.

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

(Sorry if I am being a bit harsh but I'm sharing my honest opinion, I don't mean to offend either)

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Leftovers Require Refridgeration

"Koit TV 2" continues the Koit tradition of harvesting incomplete or hodgepodge skit-like segments and converting them into a listless bout of channel surfing, the kind you see in "Robot Chicken" or sprite animation collaborative submissions. The trick here is that none of the segments are meant to make sense; they're just tests and experiments. Hence, they lack polish or consistency in quality.

A few skits in "Koit TV 2" are silly enough to laugh with. Take the running sequence; Koit didn't know what to do with the jogger character he composed, so he created a background that appears alien at first, but in later segments, the reality is that she is fleeing an oncoming wad of feces, only to end up splashing into the toilet. The water effects (or lack thereof) denote the segments as a flight of whimsy, picking up the scatttered remnants of once-serious projects and recycling them into something, anything, that could be presented. The "Space Chicken" skit is an actual full skit with a gag and direction to it, while most other skits are juvenile nonsense.

This isn't for anybody... in fact, it's not meant for anybody, period. This is just a test-run of Koit's capabilities. Props for the crude but creative replay screen, which showcases a link to Koit's site and evokes the feeling of having surfed channels for three or so wasteful minutes. "Koit TV 2", like its predecessor, isn't terribly good, but it isn't meant to be anyway. With any luck, Koit's serious ventures will profit from all of his practice.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

An 'E' for Effort

This material is garbage. The animation and sound is okay, but c'mon dude. The white fuzz in between each "gag" I use this term loosely, has already been done over a million times during EVERY episode of Robot Chicken. I know you can do better, I've seen other animations you've done. SHAPE UP!

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