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RHG Demo - Fugu Fyre

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Author Comments

This is my sucky demo for Fluidanims, but I also want to share it here. K was made female so I could base it on one of my friends. My animating skills aren't good of now, but I hope to improve. Enjoy! ^_^

BTW if you want to fully understand this video, you should read Fugu's backstory below.

In the past, there used to be a small but dangerously malevolent group nicknamed "Blood Mages". They were red-eyed masters of elemental manipulation, and they had a goal of dominating the lands and establishing absolute tyrannical power over it. They were merciless, sadistic, corrupt, and wrathful. Great warriors and such united together to fight back against such a threat, and the Blood Mages were defeated, and eradicated. There was one survivor, a child named Fugu, who had the potential to become more powerful than any of the other Blood Mages, and was therefore taken away from his home to support the Blood Mages. However, as a child, he did not learn the motives or way of the Blood Mages, and became particularly individualistic from the other ones. Fugu gained access to the Chaos Blade (A sword meant for him when he grew older) and became a lone wanderer. He was easily able to survive using his powers, and as he grew and went on, he became more expertise with his abilities and reached the potential of becoming the most powerful Blood Mage. Fortunately, Fugu is not evil, but his alignment is neutral. When he made contact with others, they treated him hostilely, and the news that there is one last Blood Mage causes several warriors/bounty hunters to hunt Fugu down. Most were barely a threat, but Fugu has learned to be cautious. He learned eventually that the cause was his red eyes, and also learned about the Blood Mages. He now has three goals: To stop the hostility directed towards him, to get rid of the assassins who pursue him, and after those two goals, perhaps become a different person.

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SLIGHTLY more detailed than your average stick-fig

You Do realize she's going to stab you in the back first chance she gets.
...the character, not your friend :P

SniperFugu responds:

Well, you never know. It's not like she's just gonna grab her sword and follow me without my character being cautious.

It was okay.

The animation wasn't bad, and the story was alright, as far as stick man flashes can go. But that's the point, it's just another stick man short, there are thousands of these on Newgrounds and they're all the same. The only reason the get through is due them being just good enough to pass judgement, but not good enough to get a good score.

I though that you shouldn't have included the dialogue, or not put it that way, such as when you said "nub", it just makes it seem unfunny and childish, and really knocked off a few marks for this.

Could have been much better, however overall it wasn't completely bad.

SniperFugu responds:

Yeah I just edited nub out because I realized it's a dumb joke. Thank you NG edit button.


Always had a thing against stick animations but it isn't the worst i've ever seen


It wasnt great, you really should study Terkoiz more, which i see you have done by the looks of things, but you need to look more closely. Try making your work area smaller and zoom in by like 400% to get a much smoother brush, it worked for me and im sure it worked for lots of others. You need to review each movement over and over to see that it is fluid with the frames before and after. Just stick with it and it will all come out looking alot better in no time. :)


Looking forward to more and better. It could have been longer :)

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2011
7:09 AM EDT