Heroes Battle

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500 vs 500 units battle! Thousands of warriors are fight for glory: Myth Wars, Battle Gear, Humaliens or Age of Defense, who's the winner?


Move mouse to the edge of screen to scroll map, buy in-game upgrades to defeated your enemies, click game speed button: "1", "3", "5" to speed up the game.

There are 6 spells in this game, use it only at crucial moments: Live++ (increase lives), Range++ (increase ranges), Damage++ (increase damages), Reinforcement (call new warriors to the battlefield), Curse Enemy (curse enemy units), and Immortal (infinite lives).


Graficos 2
Personajes 5
Historia 3
Complejidad 1
penalidad por poor spells -1
total 1.5

Organization has no sense (age of defense was medieval soldiers until a roman pops up, then a robot ???) and you should give the player more control over units instead of them just charging (I´d like my shooters backing up my fighters, please, even if they regroup to taht position later)

other than that, it´s a fun game and I see no defects


I have my reservations about this game, addicting though it may be.

First, the screen being utilized so you couldn't see all the action all at once is decent but you went severely overkill on how much you needed to scroll to and fro. This excess amount of space slowed down each level by a ridiculous amount. I could watch one to two YouTube videos per level because once I was out of spells, there was literally no way I could affect the game.

Secondly, I don't know what kind of variables you used for unit damage but holy smokes if it wasn't a total crapshoot most of the time.

For example, I would (and these are all on the same level) increase my total units by 25 before starting a particular level. I would lose by a small margin. I would then increase it by 30 to see if much changed and then lost by a HUGE margin. Finally, I only tacked on only 15 units and then won by an equally HUGE margin.

It was certainly NOT just limited to increasing my total unit numbers as it more or less followed the same principles when applied to the new unit purchases and the generic upgrade levels.

And lastly, the spells. I can understand them only having one, game-wide use each. However, I honestly wish you'd have at least gotten a random one back every 10 levels or something.

This game is severely unforgiving, *seemingly* not all that particularly well-thought out (disclaimer: I am not accusing anyone of anything, just stating an outside opinion), and just altogether disappointed me.

Hey, I'm probably not the target audience but I have a great difficulty in seeing how even the most self-abusive gamers could tolerate this.

Sorry I had to be harsh, but...yikes.

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I have NO idea whatsoever what you're supposed to do here... where are the instructions? as far as I can tell, all this is, is a movie disguised as a flash game. what gives?

0/10, 0/5.


@zombiegamesrule12: actually, I probably could make a game, btw this is just a flash game

boring. nothing is really explained. etc,

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3.16 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2011
12:19 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 4th Place June 20, 2011