A Man To Rule Them All

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Twenty-seven moon cycles have passed since the peasants revolted and king Ærnmund was overthrown. With the world cast into perpetual chaos and despair, a warrior from the great battle has had enough and attempts to fix the problems his brethren have caused. Tryggvi sets out with his companion on a quest to restore order and peace to the land.

I've worked really hard on this for the last 2 months and I really hope you enjoy it!



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Umm, please test the flash before submitting it...

Please fix the play button and resubmit the flash. I'm sure that it is really good and awesome, but it doesn't play... At all. I can't really give it a score, but a 0 will have to do. Find out what is wrong, fix it, and resubmit. All I see is the faulty button, the crappy picture at the beginning, and the epic music.

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the play button dosent work

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This movie won't work.

I pushed the play button and it won't work. Fix the problems.

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I agree with them..

I would suggest testing out the flash before submitting it. I'm pretty surprised it's not blamed yet. All it is, is a poorly draw picture with music in the back and a play button that lights up when you click it. How did this even pass judgement?

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Jun 18, 2011
1:51 PM EDT