Madness TheMassKilling 1

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Do not judge strictly this is our first madness,
Will develop and will upgrade models and sounds. Wait for next part of THE MASS KILLING 2.

Thanks :)


got a few minor issues

dude take this back to the drawing board and improve well
flash animation
music choie
create a story
put effort
tme dedication perserverrance
.... well everything

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I'm sorry.

But sugar coating things don't improve on anything. Do not submit stuff until it is atleast moderately watchable, don't just take all of Krinkels' characters and stuff them into a half assed movie, either do something that hasn't been done exactly like this a million times or don't do anything at all.


THAT was a cool movie.

MassKilling responds:

D: D: D: D: D: D: we edit

Eye on you

There is A LOT room for improvements. But first, why don't you use your own characters? You dont even declare you use characters created by Krinkels or choose a title that gives a hint that it's kinda of a parody. This is what stolen content looks like. You might want to think about it while on the other hand you study some way more tutorials and learn how to avoid auto loops and how to animate properly... Way to go.

MassKilling responds:

ok we are %u0446e will use your character but we could not think what we need at this time we do iy nano models until the soldiers that we will use the model Krinkels big thanks to him because without him we would not be able to make this video

It isnt that good

There is plenty of potential here, you need to Make everything a lot smoother and less of the appearing/dissapearing clowns/jesus and such, I dont see this getting in but regardless, with a bit more practice you should do well

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MassKilling responds:

ok we will do so not as many appearances clown and Jesus, and of course audiator

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1.69 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2011
8:44 AM EDT